How To Watch: East Coast Invitational


The return of Virginia's longest-running track invitational as the 58th annual East Coast Invitational has found a new home at the brand Virginia Beach Sports Center's 200-meter hydraulic banked track!

We will be LIVE streaming both days of competition which will include both high school-aged and college competition with track events and field events dedicated cameras. All race videos will be archived instantly on the website as well as photo coverage also.

Friday Heat Sheets - Saturday Heat Sheets

East Coast Invitational (Estimated Time Schedule)

Friday, February 5th, 2021 -- HIGH SCHOOL AGED COMPETITION

Doors Open 7:00am

8:00am - Unseeded Girls 800m Run

9:00am - Unseeded Boys 800m Run

10:00am - Girls 200m Dash (Prelims)

11:00am - Boys 200m Dash (Prelims)

12:00pm - Girls One Mile Run

1:10pm - Boys One Mile Run

2:40pm - Girls 60m Hurdles Trials (55 Timed As Well)

3:20pm - Boys 60m Hurdles Trials (55 Timed As Well)

4:00pm - Girls 60m Dash Trials (55 Timed As Well)

4:40pm - Boys 60m Dash Trials (55 Timed As Well)

--- Potentially begin rolling schedule at this time ---

5:30pm - Girls/Boys 4x400m Relay

6:30pm - Girls 4x200m Relay Prelims

7:20pm - Boys 4x200m Relay Prelims

8:00pm - Girls 1000m Run

8:40pm - Boys 1000m Run

9:30pm - Girls 400m Dash

10:30pm - Boys 400m Dash

Field Event Schedule

8:00am - Boys Shot Put

8:00am - Girls Pole Vault

8:00am - Boys Pole Vault

8:00am - Girls Long Jump

11:00am - Boys High Jump

11:00am - Girls High Jump

11:00am - Girls Shot Put

12:00pm - Boys Triple Jump

3:00pm - Girls Triple Jump

6:00pm - Boys Long Jump

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 -- HS/COLLEGE/PRO

7:00am - Doors Open

7:00am - High School Girls' Two Mile Run

8:00am - High School Boys' Two Mile Run

9:00am - High School Girls DMR (1 Section)

9:20am - High School Girls 200m Dash Final

9:25am - High School Boys 200m Dash Final

9:40am - High School Boys DMR (1 Section)

10:00am - High School Girls 600m Dash Invite (1 Section)

10:05am - High School Boys 600m Dash Invite (1 Section)

10:10am - High School Girls 800m Run Invite (1 Section)

10:15am - High School Boys 800m Run Invite (1 Section)

11:00am ------------------- College Events Begin -----------------

11:00am - College 800m Run

11:50am - College 400m Dash

1:00pm - College 60mH Trials

1:30pm - College 60m Dash Trials

2:00pm - College Mile

3:20pm - College Women's 60mH Final

3:30pm - College Men's 60mH Final

4:00pm - College Women's 60m Dash Final

4:10pm - College Men's 60m Dash Final

4:20pm - College Sprint Medley Relay

5:00pm - College 200m Dash

6:30pm - College 3K

7:00pm - College 4x400m Relay

7:30pm - High School Girls 4x200m Final

7:35pm - High School Boys 4x200m Final

7:45pm - Professional Men's 500m Dash

7:50pm - High School Boys 60mH Final

7:55pm - High School Girls 60mH Final

8:00pm - Professional Men's 300m Dash Race

8:10pm - High School Boys 60m Dash Final

8:15pm - High School Girls 60m Dash Final

8:20pm - High School Girls 2K Invitational (1 Section)

8:30pm - High School Boys (2K Invitational (1 Section)