Gaeta's win in the 1600

First lap, John Piersol of Maggie Walker leads the pack coming off a 9:14 3200 the night before. Jeff Day of West Springfield is right off of Piersol's soldier.

Second lap, Day leads with Matt Wolak of Mills Godwin running right off of him.

Third lap, Day continues to lead but Piersol and Wolak are breathing down his neck with Oakton's Phil Gaeta lurking behind the two.

Fourth lap, little if no positioning changes.

Fifth lap, Piersol, Wolak, and Gaeta began to break away from the pack.

Sixth lap, Gaeta has taken the lead.

Seventh lap, Gaeta is unable to shake Piersol and Wolak.

Final lap, Gaeta's speed is too much as he opens it up for the win (4:19.33).

Second heat of the 1600, Maggie Walker's J.D. Ridgeway leads on the first lap.

Second lap, Ridgeway leads.

Third lap, Ridgeway leads.

Fourth lap, leader stays the same.

Fifth lap, Ridgeway still leads as Louisa County junior Daniel Kane begans to move up on the outside.

Sixth lap, Kane tucks in behind Ridgeway as Midlothian senior Anthony D'Amato moves up to challenge Ridgeway from the outside.

Seventh lap, D'Amato now shares the lead with Ridgeway as Kane drafts off the two.

Final lap, Kane strikes as he makes his move on the backstretch to go onto overtaking D'Amato and Ridgeway for the win (4:25.51).

Third heat of the 1600, Rockbridge's Will William gets out in the lead.

Second lap, Williams pushes a quick early pace as he is well ahead of the chase pack.

Third lap, Williams maintains his lead.

Halfway through the race, Williams still has a large lead.

Fifth lap, Williams' lead is starting to decrease as the chase pack closes.

Sixth lap, Warwick's Tona Amatu has now started to pass the fadding Williams.

Seventh Lap, E.C. Glass's Luke Thomas has now made a move to take control of the lead.

Final lap, but Thomas and others can't keep up with Midlothian junior Andrew Baker as he closes with a 27 second last 200 to win the heat (4:31.29).