Eddie Williams Named Head Women's Coach At VMI

Longtime (retired) Bethel High School Coach and national coach of the year, Eddie Williams has been named the new head women's track and field coach for Virginia Military Institute. Coach Williams is a 1983 alum of VMI and returns to Lexington with the goal os serving is alma mater and bettering the track and field program. 

Read VMI's press release here

While a high school coach, Eddie Williams tallied up 16 state team titles and too many state champions to count on both the boys and girls side. He built his program around the quarter mile (400m) race and his athletes being able to compete above and below that mark. 

His biggest athlete was multiple time gold medalist, Francena McCorory who set both the 300 and 400m national records while in high school. Eddie's athletes went on to win NCAA titles and set major records as well. 

Coach Williams' record speaks for itself but what he brings to VMI is something many coaches do not have, the ability to empathetically engage student-athletes to their highest potential. 

VMI track program as a whole got a lot better with the hire of Eddie." - One high school head coach noted 

The talk around the state though is that this move gives VMI a strong chance at getting more and more elite recruits out of the 757 where many of the other state institutes also look for talent. 

MileStat also spoke with multiple alumni of VMI who were over the moon excited for him to be returning to Lexington. They were quick to praise the direction the program was moving in and seemingly all had their favorite story of Eddie as a coach, athlete, friend and mentor

For those that have not heard his name before, he probably would like it that way. Eddie is a coach focused on the task at hand and the student-athletes entrusted to him. He has always and will always be the humble leader that he is.

The only exception of course being when his team is in a 4x4, then you will see him get excited.