Preliminary XC Invite Race Assignments

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See below teams with full squads that have been selected for the elite morning varsity "A" races for next weekend's XC Invitational. This is a preliminary list with entries and registration still open until Monday at midnight.

There will ultimately be about 45 full squads in each varsity race between the morning and afternoon sessions after special requests by other squads, coaches, and late entries. 

Teams that have one gender selected for the morning session and one gender not selected (slated for afternoon placement) can opt to race up or down if would like to keep teams together in one session or keep squads split between the two sessions. 

Coaches can email me at in regards to their race assignments or any changes/requests. 

Elite individuals with sub 17 minute 5K for boys and sub 20 minute 5K for girls credentials may also run in the elite varsity "A" races in the morning. All other high school individuals not competing on full squads (5 or more entries) must run in varsity B or JV races. 

Boys Teams Selected For Morning Elite Varsity "A" Race:

  1. Alexandria City High School
  2. Atlee
  3. Blacksburg High School
  4. Brooke Point
  5. Christiansburg
  6. Clover Hill
  7. Colgan High School
  8. Collegiate
  9. Deep Run
  10. Douglas Freeman
  11. Forest Park
  12. Freedom (South Riding)
  13. Glen Allen High School
  14. Gonzaga College High School
  15. Grafton High School
  16. Grassfield
  17. Hanover
  18. James Madison
  19. James River (Midlothian)
  20. James W. Robinson
  21. Jamestown
  22. John Handley
  23. Lafayette
  24. Langley
  25. Maggie Walker
  26. McLean
  27. Mechanicsville High School
  28. Midlothian High School
  29. Mills Godwin
  30. Oakton
  31. Patrick Henry (Ashland)
  32. Powhatan High School
  33. Riverbend High School
  34. Saint Christopher`s
  35. South Lakes
  36. Stafford High School
  37. Tabb
  38. Trinity Christian School
  39. Warhill
  40. Western Albemarle 

Girls Teams Selected For Morning Elite Varsity "A" Race:

  1. Alexandria City High School
  2. Alleghany
  3. Atlee
  4. Blacksburg High School
  5. Chapel Hill
  6. Christiansburg
  7. Colgan
  8. Collegiate
  9. Colonial Forge
  10. Cosby
  11. Currituck County
  12. Deep Run
  13. Douglas Freeman
  14. Fairfax
  15. Falls Church
  16. Forest Park
  17. Freedom (South Riding)
  18. Glen Allen High School
  19. Grassfield
  20. Hanover
  21. Hayfield Secondary School
  22. Hickory High School
  23. James Madison
  24. James River (Midlothian)
  25. James W. Robinson
  26. Jamestown
  27. Langley
  28. Maggie Walker
  29. Maury High School
  30. McLean
  31. Midlothian High School
  32. Mountain View
  33. Oakton
  34. Our Lady Of Good Counsel
  35. Patrick Henry (Ashland)
  36. Paul VI Catholic
  37. South Lakes
  38. St. Catherine's
  39. Tabb
  40. Western Branch High School
  41. Westfield

All other schools with full squads are placed in the afternoon session.