National Record Watch At The Showcase: The Mixed 4x4

One of the most exciting events in track and field is without a doubt the Mixed 4x400m relay. On this relay are two boys and two girls for each team that can run in any order. That means at times in the race certain teams could be down over 100m and still have a chance. 

This year's VA Showcase will not only feature this race but will feature this race chasing down the national record. The current national record is 3:32.40 run by Nansemond River back in 2018. That would equate to a 53 second average split by leg. Or going 55-55 for the girls and 51-51 for the boys. Something that is not easy indoors. 

Two of the biggest teams facing off in this race will be Cuthbertson of North Carolina and Bullis School School of Maryland. Both teams are powerhouses in their own right and have the legs to run something special. 

Be sure to tune in to the Va Showcase live on MileSplit January 13th and 14th, 2023.