Quinn Eliason Stands Out Amongst The State Field

Thursday at the VISAA State Championships, STAB sophomore Quinn Eliason put on a show. He sat back, waited for his moment, and seized it to capture his first state title. His winning time of 16:18 ranks as the 16th fastest time ever on the Woodberry Forest XC course and as the 5th fastest time ever at VISAA States on that course. 

What was more impressive than his time was how quickly he closed. He chalked it up to adrenaline but there was obviously way more left in the tank. We seriously think he could have broken 16 on Thursday with a perfect race. 

Sub 16 on Woodberry forest is serious too. If he did that or does that, he will join the likes of Kip Keino, Charlie Ortmans, and Alan Webb. 

Eliason, only a sophomore for St. Anne's Bellfield, is quickly living up to his last name. He is the younger brother of former state champion Jack Eliason who just like Quinn was a big star early on. 

Unlike his brother though, Quinn is more focused outside of running and plays lacrosse. He said it is his first love.

Right now, Quinn may run some indoor track races but will be totally focused on lacrosse until next summer. That level of training just makes his XC performances that much more impressive knowing he is not 100% focused on it either. 

Quinn is one of the best runners in the state and certainly one of the best underclassmen. He has raced six times this season and won four races. In his two others he finished second to Bazil Mathes and third to both Hayden Goodman and Trent Daniels (also a sophomore). All of those boys have run 15:28 or faster this season. 

Truly, it is only in XC where we can say this but times aren't everything. Quinn may not have the best times yet but his racing and strength skills are among the best in the state and we are certainly excited to see what is in store the next two years.