Allie Zealand Breaks State Record, Runs US #7 All-Time Mile

Pacers star, Allie Zealand has continued to shock all of us with her talents and abilities. This past Saturday up in Boston at the New Balance Grand Prix she put together a historic race effort finishing second in the mile with a time of 4:37.76. That time ties her for 7th all-time in the nation. 

That time is also significant for Virginia as it is a state record. This time eclipses both the 1600 and one mile state record run by Kate Murphy back in 2016. Murphy's time for the full mile was 4:39.47 and her 1600m time was 4:37.85c. Zealand's time beat both! 

This time improved her VA #2 All-time 4:44 from last indoor season. 

She will most certainly have her sights on the outdoor state record of 4:36.95 set by Sarah Bowman-Brown back in 2005. That time ranks US #11 all-time.