CNU High School Chase & Relay Coverage

The first annual CNU High School Chase & Relay Chase was held Saturday, September 1st at Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake. Schools were given the option to place their runners in two different types of races between a 1.7 mile co-ed "chase" race with staggered start times or a two-person 1.5 mile relay race. In the women's relay race, Ocean Lakes duo of Olivia Bethune and Madison Lee won with a total of time of 19:15 for the 3.0 mile course with Bethune splitting 9:14 for her leg and 10:01 for Lee. In the boys' relay race, the Lafayette pair of Kurtis Steck and Jason Menzies combined for a swift total time of 15:14, which averages to 7:37 for each 1.5 mile leg.

Several runners doubled between the chase and relay race as Steck had the second fastest time in the 1.7 mile chase race among the boys at 9:17, while John Will of Ocean Lakes was the fastest at 9:13. Nikki Park of Ocean Lakes was able to hold off the the boys trying to chase her down in the staggered starts, but she was the first finisher across the line in the chase race as well as had the fastest girls time in the race at 10:49, while teammate Olivia Bethune was second fastest at 11:02.


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