Dogwood Final Instructions & Time Schedule

Coaches Please Note the Following:


  1. If you have not paid your team will not participate. We will not negotiate on this matter. You team entry fee must be paid before your athletes participate. You may write a personal check, have a parent write a check or we will hold a check until your school issued check is received. This has been a problem in the past and your help would be greatly appreciated.

General Event Procedures

  1. Please see the website for meet rules and details.
    1. All 2006 NFHSA Rules will be enforced, including the uniform rule.
  2. With the exception of Schools not entering full teams, check-in for athletes will be done as group by the Coaches of the teams. All athletes must be checked in by 10:00 am in order to compete. Team athletes not checked in by 10:00 am will be scratched. Section sheets will be created at that time for all events and no additions will be made. Coaches will be given relay cards for all relays that they have teams entered. These cards must be delivered to the clerk when hip numbers are distributed.
  3. Opening standards have been created for many of the events. The only exceptions to these standards will be if a single athlete from a school is competing in the event. For more than one athlete to compete in the event, all of the athletes must meet the standards.
  4. The area inside of the 4' fence around the track is off-limits except to competitors who:
    1. Are competing in an event
    2. Are reporting for an event(first, second or final call)
    3. Are warming up in a designated area 1 hour prior to an event
    4. Are completing an event and are returning to Tent City
  5. Several of the field events are located where it is difficult for spectators to watch the competition. We have identified designated areas for the spectators of these events. As all of these areas are close to starting locations for a variety of races, spectators must be mindful of noise during starts of these races.
  6. Spikes:
    1. We will allow 1/8 and ¼ pyramid spikes.


  1. In relays not run fully in lanes, the order the exchange partner will be determined by the order of runners coming off of the curve at the start of the straight-a-way. If a runner passes on the main straight-a-way, he/she will remain in the lane they use to pass through the exchange and then break to the inside lane. This procedure will minimize confusion and interference that can occur in these exchanges. Arriving runner must maintain their lane until the lane to their left clears and then will exit to the left.
  2. In relays run completely in lanes, the arriving runners will remain in their lane until all section competitors have completed their exchanges.
  3. In the Sprint Medley (400-200-200-800), runners will maintain their lanes through the final exchange and then may break to the inside lane.

Distance Events

  1. Due to the popularity of the distance events: 3200m and Distance Medley; we have a significant number of competitors. We will establish a maximum of 3 sections for these events. This means that there may be from 18-25 competitors in a section. If 18, or fewer competitors are running, we will use a single waterfall start. If more than 18 competitors are running we will use a Box Alley waterfall start for the races. This limits the confusion of breaking to the inside lane for a large group of competitors.

Jumps and Throws

  1. Every athlete will get four throws/jumps in flights, there will be no finals. The first legal jump/throw will be measured regardless of distance. The second jump/throw must meet the minimum standard to get another mark. In case of inclement weather, changes may be made by the games committee
  2. Long and Triple Jump
    1. Coaches should be aware of the fact that the facility we are using for this event is a college facility. As such, the take-off boards on the horizontal jump runways are not as liberal as at high school facilities. The foul edges of the take-off boards in the runways are at 12', 36' and 41 '. Athletes who cannot meet these minimums will not reach the pit on their jumps, creating a safety issue. Please take note of this matter.

Medical Care

  1. Medical care is available in the medical tent for injuries and illnesses associated with the Dogwood Invitational only. We ask that athletes refrain from using medical personnel to seek additional opinions for injuries not associated with today's event. This will ensure availability of medical personnel, particularly when urgent attention is needed.
  2. Taping services are available for those athletes who don't have a trainer or coach available to tape. We ask that when possible the athletes provide their own supplies, particularly tape and prewrap. We will have a limited supply of tape and prewrap for those without supplies.
  3. Ice will be available in abundance.
  4. Massage therapy will not be available.

Thanks for all of your support and we look forward to seeing everyone Saturday,

Rick Lilly  
Charlottesville High School 
Meet Director

Dogwood Track and Field Classic - 4/29/2006

Charlottesville, Va.

Meet Schedule

Coach's Meeting: 7:45

Individual Awards:

1st, 2nd and 3rd

Asics Awards

Medals to Top 8

  Running Events       Field Events
8:30 3200 meter run Girls     9:30 G Pole Vault followed by B Pole Vault
 9:00 3200 meter run Boys       G Long Jump followed by G Triple Jump
 9:30 Distance Medley Relay Girls       B Long Jump followed by B Triple Jump
 10:00 Distance Medley Relay Boys       G High Jump followed by B High Jump
 10:50 100m Dash Finals Girls       B Shot Put followed by G Shot Put
 10:50 110m Hurdle Finals Boys       G Discus followed by B Discus
 11:05 100m Dash Finals Boys         
 11:05 100m Hurdle Finals Girls         
 11:20 3200m Relay Girls         
 11:55 3200m Relay Boys         
 12:40 800m Relay Girls         
 12:50 800m Relay Boys         
 1:00 1600m Run Girls         
 1:30 1600m Run Boys         
 1:55 400m Relay Girls         
 2:05 400m Relay Boys         
 2:30 400m Dash Girls         
 2:45 400m Dash Boys         
 3:00 300m Hurdles Girls         
 3:25 300m Hurdles Boys         
 3:45 Sprint Medley Relay Girls         
 4:10 Sprint Medley Relay Boys         
 4:35 800m Run Girls         
 4:50 800m Run Boys         
 5:10 200m Dash Girls         
 5:25 200m Dash Boys         
 5:45 1600m Relay Girls         
 6:05 1600m Relay Boys         

This is an ESTIMATE. We will revise the schedule and move ahead whenever possible. Athletes and coaches will be responsible for noting and responding to changes.

Asics MVP Awards:

Male and Female Athlete – Track

Male and Female Athlete -


Team Awards:

1st, 2nd and 3rd


Scoring: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1