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2012 USATF Virginia Association
Junior Olympic Track & Field

Saturday, June 16, 2012
Christopher Newport University
Pomoco Stadium
1 University Place
Newport News, Va. 23606

Age Divisions
Sub-bantam (born 2004+)
Bantam (born 2002-2003)
Midget (born 2000-2001)
Youth (born 19981999)
Intermediate (born 19961997)
Young (born 1994-1995)
* athletes born in 1993 are also eligible if they do not turn 19 on or before 7/29/2012

Individuals: Only U.S. citizens, aliens living in the United States, and foreign exchange students are eligible to compete in these Championships. See the USATF Rules for more information and exceptions. A competitor must compete in his/her age division only. There will be no "moving up" in any events, including relays. Competitors in the Subbantam, Bantam and Midget divisions may compete in a maximum of three (3) events, including relays. Competitors in the Youth, Intermediate, and Young divisions may compete in a maximum of four (4) events, including relays. Combined events are not included in the event count. All athletes must be 2012 members of USATF in good standing.

Relay Teams: Only registered 2012 USATF member clubs may enter a relay team(s). All athletes representing the club must be affiliated with and members of that club as part of their USATF membership. Visit and select Products/Services to become a member.

Individual Entries: $6.00 per event
Relay Entries: $24.00 per relay team

Club Administrators and Unattached Athletes should register online at Coach O by 6/12/2012 at 11:59pm. Late entries will not be allowed. Fees must be paid online by the close of registration. Accuracy of data entered is the responsibility of each club and/or athlete. Please validate data within Coach O for accuracy prior to submitting entry.

Valid 2012 USATF Membership and Proof of Birth is needed to compete. If the athlete's date of birth does not have "verified" next to it on their membership card or print out, you must scan and email the membership chair a copy of the athletes Proof of Birth (copy of birth certificate, passport, certified baptismal record, drivers license, or U.S. government identification). before you are able to register the athlete for the meet in Coach O. Please allow up to 60 minutes for USATF National database to be updated with the birth verification.

Membership Chair: Melissa Johnson
Email Address:

NON-CONTESTED EVENTS: The triathlon, pentathlon, heptathlon, decathlon, steeple chase and hammer throw will not be contested at the 2012 USATF Virginia Association Championship. These athletes will be automatically advanced to the Region III Championship but must register online at Coach O for the association and also register online for the Region III Championship.Revised 5/20/2012

AWARDS: USATF Junior Olympic medals will be awarded to the top three (3) individuals and the top three (3) relay teams in each event of each age division. Fourth through eighth will receive ribbons.

ADVANCEMENTS: The top six individuals and relay teams in each event of each age division will advance to the USATF Region III Championships to be held on July 5 - 8 at Christopher Newport University Pomoco Stadium Newport News, Va. 23606..

Advancements must be completed by registering on Coach O by June 29 at 11:59PM.

Any athlete participating in the Junior Nationals will be given a BYE to the National J/O Championship providing proof of their participation has been submitted to meet management. Athletes in the Intermediate and Young Divisions participating in the NEW BALANCE meet the week of the Virginia championship meet will be given a BYE to the Region III championship only. BYES are only given to individual events.

The National Championships will be held from Monday, July 23 to Sunday, July 29 at Hughes Stadium, Morgan State Univeristy Baltimore, Md. The top 5 athletes at the Region III Championships will qualify for the National Championships. Please click here for additional information.

SCHEDULE: All events are on a rolling schedule.

Field Events

Field Events Age Groups

Shot Put - Pit 1 (Girls) All Age Groups (Youngest to Oldest)
Shot Put - Pit 2 (Boys) All Age Groups (Youngest to Oldest)
Discus YW, YM, IG, IB, MG, MB
Long Jump -RW1 (Girls) All Age Groups (Youngest to Oldest)
Long Jump - RW2 (Boys) All Age Groups (Youngest to Oldest)
Triple Jump -RW1 (Girls) YG, IG, YW
Triple Jump -RW2 (Boys) YB, IB, YM
Javelin YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
Turbo Javelin SBG, SBB, BG, BB, MG, MB
Pole Vault YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM

Implements for the Throws: Competitors may bring their personal implements for use in competition. Please have your implements inspected and weighed prior to competition at the appointed time and place. If implements have not been approved, hey will not be accepted in competition.

Javelin: Competitors must provide their own javelin.

Pole Vault: Competitors must provide their own pole in the pole vault. Athletes will be weighed at the pole vault area and their poles inspected.

Running Events

Track Events Age Groups

80M Hurdles MG, MB
100M Hurdles YG, YB, IG, YW
110M Hurdles IB, YM
1500M Racewalk All Age Groups
1500M Run All Age Groups
100M Dash (Semis) All Age Groups
3200M Relay (4 X 800) MG, MB,YG,YB,IG, IB, YW, YM
400M Dash All Age Groups
400M Relay (4 X 100) All Age Groups
200M Hurdles YG, YB
400M Hurdles IG, IB, YW, YM
3000M Racewalk YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
100M Dash (Finals) All Age GroupsRevised 5/20/2012

All running events are finals with the exception of the 100m dash.
The order will be Youngest to Oldest.
Girls will run first in each age group.

Starting Blocks and Batons: Meet Management will provide both.

Spike Length: 1/4" spikes or smaller are permitted on the track surface.

COMPETITION BIB NUMBERS: All competitors must wear their assigned bib numbers during competition and on the front on their jerseys only. If an athlete loses the bib number, a replacement can be purchased for a fee of $10.00. Bib numbers will be distributed to coaches and unattached athletes inside the stadium beginning 6:30AM.

EVENT CHECK-IN: Each competitor must report to the Clerk of Course prior to the beginning of the event. In the case of field events, the competitor must report to the Field Judge in charge of the event. Track events take precedence over field events; however, you must report to the Field Judge first and request to be excused. For all events, calls are not required, however if they are made as a courtesy, they will be as follows:

First call
Second call
Third and Final
If you are not checked in and ready to move to the track after the final call you will be scratched.

Note: The event will be closed for check-in 15 minutes prior to the event.

EVENT RESULTS: During competition, event results will be posted underneath the stadium by the concession stand. In addition, event results will be posted at and on Coach O.

PROTESTS: There will be a $50.00 fee for all protests. Protests must be submitted to the Protest Referee at once and not later than 30 minutes after a result has been announced. The protest fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

RULES: USATF rules, USATF Youth Athletics Rules and any supplementary rules stated in this event announcement will be adhered to strictly. Rule books may be obtained from the USATF National office.

Track shoes with spikes are not to exceed " in length or running flats must be worn. No street shoes will be allowed on the track. There is no specific uniform required. However, all competitors must wear shorts and shirts. Each member of a relay team must wear the same color shirt and in Regional or National competition the teams must also wear shorts and shirt of a same color.

To enter a relay, a club must enter a minimum of four and a maximum of six athletes.
1. All competitors listed on the official roster are eligible to compete if they are entered in the meet in individual events or other relays.
1. The composition of the team will be determined by the primary entrants of the club. Changes to the composition of a relay may be made prior to the start of the event by submitting the appropriate change form to the Clerk of the Course no later than one hour prior to the scheduled check-in time for the event. The Clerk will validate the number of events in which the athlete is competing. Only athletes listed on the official roster of the club, who are entered in the meet, are eligible to run.
2. An athlete may drop an event to compete on a relay team as long as he/she has not competed in any round of that event. This should be noted in the proper space on the change form. The Clerk shall make the appropriate change on the competition number.
3. Violation of the above rules shall be reason for disqualification.

NO COACHES ARE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK OR FIELD, EXCEPT TO CHECK ON AN INJURED ATHLETE. All protests must be filed at the protest table by the team captain, the coach or the individual competitor, if competing unattached. A parent may file for an unattached runner. Protest fee is $50.00. All coaches MUST abide by the USATF rules and any supplemental rules or risk disqualification of an athlete or their team.

800M Run All Age Groups
200M Dash All Age Groups
1600M Relay (4 X 400) All Age GroupsRevised 5/20/2012


CONTACT: Name: Tony Vaughn
Phone Number: 757-424-6207