VHSL Group 3A Conference 32 Outdoor T&F Championships 2015

Blacksburg, VA
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Meet Information


2014 Conference 32 Track Championships

Entry Information

DATE OF MEET: Saturday May 23rd
PLACE OF MEET: Blacksburg High School
TIME OF MEET: see Time Schedule

1. Entry Info: Due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Entries will be done online through Milestat.com. Coaches need to have a Milestat account. The password for the meet is 3a32. Coaches unfamiliar with doing entries this way can e-mail or call the meet director for instructions. There is no need for any paper entries for the district meet. After the web site closes each coach will receive an e-mail with a copy of what has been downloaded into the meet database. They will be asked to confirm their entries.

2. There will be NO scratch deadline. Scratches and reseeding will be done before each event.

**A reminder a new rule was adopted by the VHSL that states an athlete can be scratched from an event and still compete in the rest of his or her events without being disqualified from the rest of the meet.**

**A reminder that your athlete can not exceed the event limits set by the VHSL.**

3. You may enter up to three athletes per event (other than relays), regardless of qualifying
standards. However, if you enter more than three athletes in any event (other than a relay,
ALL athletes you enter must have met the Conference 32 Qualifying Standards (enclosed). Please follow VHSL guidelines with your entries (i.e. limitations)

4. Pole Vault will be a scored event. We are not sure where the PV will be contested at this time.

5. Best time (converted to metric equivalent and FAT), best height, or best distance in a meet this season must be shown for each entry. Sections and heats will be set up based on your entries, so please be accurate.

6. All running times must be FAT.

General Information for Principals and Coaches

1. Scoring: Individual events - 10-8-6-4-2-1. Relays score 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

2. The meet is scheduled for Saturday, May 23 (see Time Schedule that follows)

3. During the meet coaches are to see Steve Schmitt (meet director) with any concerns.
A Jury of Appeals will be announced at the Coaches Meeting. The Jury of Appeals will made up from one coach from each team. Please do not bother judges and timers.

5. Each team must be represented at the Coaches Meeting 9:00 AM.

6. Numbers of heats and sections will be determined after entries are received. We will avoid
running sections if possible, but only if we can safely and fairly accommodate all runners in one

7. Starting heights for the High Jump and Pole Vault will be determined by entries and announced
at the coaches meeting.

8. In the Shot, Discus, Long and Triple Jumps all competitors will have three trials. The top eight
will advance to the finals where they will receive three more trials.

9. All events will be run as timed finals.

10. Blacksburg HS will supply starting blocks. Schools must provide their own throwing implements
and batons. Each team is responsible for its own equipment.

11. The enclosed page, "Information for Athletes and Coaches" is very important. To avoid
misunderstandings, please be sure that you understand the sheet and that your athletes
understand their responsibilities. You may wish to photocopy this sheet and distribute
it to your athletes. The meet is for the athletes, and the last thing we want to do is
disqualify someone for being in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing at the wrong
time. If you and they understand what is expected, we'll have a good, smooth meet.

Information for Coaches and Athletes

1. During the field event competition, coaches may watch field events from the track area
but must stay off the infield. Non-competing athletes must remain outside the track surface during field events. The only individuals with permission to be in the infield are meet officials and athletes currently participating in an event. Once the running trials begin, coaches must also move outside the oval.

2. Coaches and non-competing athletes must stay away from the starting and finishing lines
of the running events, except for those athletes competing in the race in question.
Violation may result in disqualification.

3. We will ask that there be no loud playing of music, etc.

4. In running events, contestants should report to the Clerk of Course on first call, regardless
of the heat entered. Those not present for the second call may be scratched. First calls
will be given about 15 minutes before a race is scheduled, second calls about 10 minutes prior to an event and third calls five minutes before. An athlete must report for himself. Running events take precedence over field events.

5. In field events, only the first call will be given over the PA system. At the first call,
contestants should report to the assigned field event area where second and third calls
will be given.

6. In a running event, contestants should remain in assigned lanes at the finish line until
released by the head finish line judge.

7. Certificates will be printed and sent to schools from the Conference office.

8. Spikes can be no longer than 1/4"and 1/8 is preferred. Only pyramids are allowed. They will be checked when hip numbers are given out..

9. Contestant numbers will be used in only the 800, 1600, 3200 meter runs. Numbers will
be distributed by the clerk when runners report for the race and will be worn on the front
of the uniform jersey.

10. Remember that the VHSL that states an athlete can be scratched from an event and still compete in the rest of his or her events without being disqualified from the rest of the meet. Entry limitations will be enforced.

11. The track rulebook has very specific rules concerning team uniforms. Coaches and
athletes are expected to know and observe these rules.

12. Please clean up your teams area prior to leaving.

Meet Schedule for Thursday May 21st

4:30 pm Pole Vault Virginia Tech is considering allowing us to hold pole vault at their site.
Cave Spring has agreed to host if VT does not allow us.

Meet Schedule for Saturday May 23rd

9:00 am Coaches Meeting
Shot/discuss Inspection and Weigh-In

9:30 am 3200 meter run - sections, if needed Girls
3200 meter run - sections, if needed Boys

9:45 am Girls' Long Jump
Boys Long Jump
Boys Shot Put
Girls Discus
Girls High Jump

~ 11:15 am Girls Triple Jump
Boys Triple Jump
Girls Shot
Boys Discus
Boys High Jump

12:00 noon 3200 Relay Girls
12:15pm 3200 Relay Boys

12:30 pm 100 meter hurdle - finals Girls
12:40 pm 110 meter hurdle - finals Boys
12:50 pm 100 meter dash - finals Girls
1:00 pm 100 meter dash - finals Boys
1:10 pm 1600 meter run - sections Girls
1:25 pm 1600 meter run - sections Boys
1:40 pm 400 meter relay - finals Girls
1:45 pm 400 meter relay - finals Boys
1:50 pm 400 meter dash - sections Girls
1:55 pm 400 meter dash - sections Boys
2:05pm 300 meter hurdles - sections Girls
2:15 pm 300 meter hurdles - sections Boys
2:25 pm 800 meter run - sections Girls
2:35 pm 800 meter run - sections Boys
2:45 pm 200 meter run - finals Girls
2:50 pm 200 meter run - finals Boys
25 minute break
3:20 pm 1600 relay - finals Girls
3:25 pm 1600 relay - finals Boys


You should have received information about the Regional Meet. Please read it before our conference meet.


Girls: Boys:
100m dash: 14.01 11.97
200m dash: 28.74 24.17
400m dash: 1:05.41 54.60
800m run: 2:27.71 2:06.42
1600m run: 5:30.59 4:42.81
3200m run: 12:21.06 10:17.46
100/110m hurdles: 19.01 17.70
300m hurdles: 54.45 46.79
Pole Vault: 6-03.00 7-04.00
High Jump: 4-07.00 5-06.00
Long Jump: 14-03.00 18-11.50
Triple Jump: 30-03.75 38-11.25
Shot Put: 27-05.00 39-00.00
Discus: 78-11.75 105-08.00
4x100m relay: one team one team
4x400m relay: one team one team
4x800m relay: one team one team