Meet Information

  • When: Saturday, October 12, 2002
  • Where: Bull Run Regional Park - Special Events Center
  • Entries: School may enter a team in any or all races. Send a roster list of all possible entries. We plan to assign numbers and do scoring by computer this year. Only one race per athlete. Note that only JV race has unlimited # of entries. ALL OTHER RACES HAVE A MAX # OF 7 ENTRIES PER RACE.
  • Sanctioned: VHSL
  • Entry Fee: 3 options...$25 per race, $80 to enter 4 or more races if entry and fee is received by October 3rd, $100 to enter 4 or more races by final deadline.
  • Entry Deadline: October 8th.
  • Scoring and Finish Line: Coaches must be prepared to turn in accurate Quick Score. There will be detailed instructions in packet on the race day.
  • Course: 5000 meters. All Grass. Extended inclines, very open, excellent spectator course.
  • Admissions: Please advise parents: $2.00 per car.
  • Awards: Medal to top 15 individuals in all 8 races. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place wood carved plaques will be awards in Freshmen, Varsity B, and Seeded races.
  • Facilities: No changing, No water. Not much shade. 8 port-a-johns. Athletic trainer will be on site.
  • Parking: Only one way into park. PLEASE FOLLOW SIGNS AND ATTENDANTS.
  • Trash: DON'T LEAVE ANY!!!


    From Braddock Road...Come all the way out Braddock, across Union Mill Rd. Continue on New Braddock Rd. until you hit Route 28. Turn right on 28. Exit South on Rt. 29...see continuation...

    From 29...Come all the way out Route 29 South through the Route 29 and Route 28 exchange and...see continuation...

    From 66...exit 52-Centreville/Rt. 29 South...see continuation...

    Continuation...Go south on Route 29 to Bull Run Post Office Road. (Top of the hill-no light-look for brown Bull Run Park sign on right.) Turn left. (If 29 goes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes; you missed the turn.) Go 1.5 miles toward Bull Run Park (Don't get on Compton Road!) As soon as you cross over Route 66, turn left at "Shooting Range". Then go straight back as far as you can.


    9:00 am - Course opens for reviews

    11:15 am - Coaches meeting/packet pick-up

    Noon - Freshmen BOYS Race (7 max # entries)

    12:30 pm - Freshmen GIRLS Race (7 max # entries)

    1:00 pm - JV BOYS (Division 1)

    Random split for JV BOYS races

    1:30 pm - JV BOYS (Division 2)

    2:00 pm - JV GIRLS

    2:30 pm - Varsity B BOYS (7 max # entries)

    3:00 pm - Varsity B GIRLS (7 max # entries)

    3:35 pm - Seeded Varsity BOYS

    4:00 pm - Seeded Varsity GIRLS

    4:45 pm - Awards Ceremony for all races on stage

    Tee shirts and concessions will be sold.

    QUESTIONS?: CALL Matt Murray 703-830-4415 or EMAIL