VHSL Group 4A Conference 19 Indoor T&F Championships 2016

Fork Union, VA

Meet Information

Registration help:

$283.34 per school to Louisa for Fork Union usage fees.
Payments School Check upon receipt of invoice.

Additional entries beyond 3 for individual events must be e-mailed to Coach Cutright at cutrigjl@lcps.k12.


Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. (make up date: TBA)
Coaches will meet between 3:00 and 3:15 prior to the meet.

Director: Jerry Cutright, Louisa County High School, 540-894-5436,
Fax., 540-894-5087, e-mail, cutrigjl@lcps.k12.va.us.
Home: 540-872-3128
Cell: 540-748-0781. The best way to contact me is by cell phone or school

Eligibility: Three athletes per event. More than three may be entered if all meet the conference qualifying standard. (If more than 3 qualify, send additional entries by e-mail to Coach Cutright by the deadline.

Entries: Due no later than noon on Saturday, February 6, 2016. We will use the
Milestat entry system.

Scratches: Must be called in by noon on Sunday, February 7 , 2016.
Call Jerry Cutright at 540-748-0781, (cell phone) and leave a message.

Entry Fee: $283.34 per school. Make checks payable to Louisa County
High School. Any fees will be due with entries. Facility rental is $200 per
school; $500 for maintenance and clean up to be split by schools.

Starting Heights: High Jump: Girls, 42, Boys, 52.
Pole Vault: Girls, 60, Boys, 80.

Pole Vaulters will be weighed in. Shoes must be worn for the weigh-in. If helmets are used they are also included in the weigh-in.

Athletes must check in by second call!!


To be sent separately.

Conference 19 Indoor Track Meet 2/10/2016
Fork Union Military Academy
Meet Entry Form
Events for Women

Team Team Abbr. Phone _____________
Address/E-mail Coach

Girls/Boys Indoor Track 2/10/2016
Fork Union Military Academy
Meet Entry Form
Events for Men

Team Team Abbr. Phone

Address/E-mail Coach

Sportsmanship Certification Form

I certify that the athletes from our school will demonstrate good sportsmanship and will follow all rules related to participation in this Track and Field Meet.

Name of school:

Signature of Head Coach:

Equipment Certification

I certify that all equipment used in this track meet by athletes from our school meet all legal specifications and have not been altered in any way to gain unfair advantage in competition. I also certify that athletes participating in the Pole Vault are at or below the weight allowed for use of their Pole in todays meet. I understand that meet management will certify all poles with regard to pole length and allowable weight as shown by the original manufacturers markings.

Name of school:

Signature of Head Coach: