Gus Lacy Track Classic 2008

Fork Union, VA
Hosted by Fork Union


4/12 VA Weekend Coverage: Tynita Butts 20'4.50 LJ! Apr 12, 2008

Tynita Butts continues to fly high this spring after a breakthrough indoor season, which included a state indoor record leap of 20 feet in the long jump and national title in the high jump. The T.C. Williams junior did it again with another amazing performance at Southern Maryland Track Classic joining an elite few of past Virginians to go over 20 feet outdoors in the event with a mark of 20'4.50". Butts also ran a state leading time in the 100 meter dash at 12.00. (Photo by Ted Plunkett) It is time to get serious this weekend in Virginia as a full slate of meets will be going off throughout the state. Also teams are traveling great distance out of state for competition including the Westfield girls making their way all the way to California for the loaded Arcadia Invite and others going south to Taco Bell in South Carolina. Peninsula Relays will be where the speed is at this weekend and Gus Lacy appears to have the strongest assembly of distance talent this weekend with such big names as Collins, Dejarnette, Lorusso, Peavey, Porter, Satterwhite, and Stutzman. MORE 4/12 WEEKEND COVERAGE 4/12 Weekend Invite Meet Pages: Arcadia Invitational (Arcadia HS - Arcadia, CA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Westfield VA #1 9:21.86 G-4x800, Tasia Potasinski (Westfield) VA #1 5:07.80 G-Mile, Brittay Sevachko (Westfield) 2:18.92 G-800, Eman Bani (Westfield) 2:18.94 G-800 Augusta Invitational (Wilson Memorial HS - Augusta, VA) C2 Invitational (Episcopal HS - Alexandria, VA) - Results Posted - Andrew Shiels (Episcopal) 150-7 B-Discus, Allante Keels (Episcopal) 1:58.94 B-800, Johns Ross (The Potomac School) 8:44.64 B-3K, Anneka Wilson (The Potomac School) 10:41.94 G-3K, Coles Lawton (Episcopal) 5:06.34 G-1500 Deep Run Invitational (Deep Run HS - Glen Allen, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Michael Quash (Douglas Freeman) VA #1 14.36 B-110H & 39.82 B-300H, Ulrick Smith (Douglas Freeman) 49.28 B-400, Matthew Armentrout (Deep Run) 15'6" B-PV, Adam Taylor (Lee-Davis) 158'4" B-Discus, Jasmine Craighead (Goochland) 5'6" G-HJ, Elaine Derricott (Henrico) 17'8" G-LJ & 36'6" G-TJ, Mitchell Shifflett (Cosby) 11.04 B-100 & 22.57 B-200, Team Champions: Deep Run Boys-66 pts & Maggie Walker Girls-101 pts Gus Lacy Track Classic (Fork Union Military Academy - Fork Union, VA)- Results Posted & Performances Entered - Thomas Porter (Mountain View) 9:18.33 B-3200, Ben Dejarnette (Atlee) 9:19.50 B-3200, Joe Lorusso (Oakton) 9:22.92 B-3200, Logan Collins (Orange County) VA #1 1:54.61 B-800, Manchester VA #1 49.23 G-4x400, Tyler Stutzman (Western Albemarle) 4:18.93 B-1600, Olu Olamigoke (Mountain View) 23'0.50" B-LJ & 46'2" B-TJ, Daniel Inge (E.C. Glass) 15'6" B-PV, Jayna McGehee (Great Bridge) 2:19.43 G-800, Team Champions: Fork Union Boys-65 pts & Manchester Girls-130 pts Judy Thomas Invitational (Patrick Henry HS - Glade Spring, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered Knights Classic (Roanoke College - Salem, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Peter Dorrell (Blacksburg) 4:19.04 B-1600 & 1:56.65 B-800, Russel Sawyer (James River) 159'9" B-Discus, Aimee Veatch (Cave Spring) 128'8", Megan Marsico (Glenvar) 5:10.52 G-1600 & 11:32.50 G-3200, Avery Mattingly (Blacksburg) VA #1 2:18.08 G-800, Jasmine Hairston (Franklin County) 17'5.75" G-LJ & 36'3.50" G-TJ, Team Champions: Blacksburg Boys-85 pts & Blacksburg Girls-80 pts Invitational (Heritage HS - Leesburg, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Sam Saidi (Broad Run) 6'8" B-HJ, Schavan Hinds (Millbrook) 15.34 G-100H/48.01 G-300H/5'1" GHJ, Jazlynn Finney (Heritage-Leesburg) 17'0 G-LJ/12.60 G-100/26.47 G-200, Curtis Rustlin (Heritage-Leesburg) 46'2.50" B-TJ, Margaret Leonard (Loudoun Valley) 38'2.50" G-Shot, Stephen Lassiter (Millbrook) 9:42.82 B-3200, Potomac Falls 8:17.80 B-4x800, Team Champions: Stone Bridge Girls-86 pts & Jefferson (WV) Boys-81 pts Metro Run & Walk Northern Virginia Invitational (Thomas Edison HS - Alexandria, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Melanie Akwule (Lake Braddock) VA #1 14.59 G-100H/VA #1 37'9" G-TJ/17'1.75" G-LJ, Annandale 8:08.51 B-4x800, Liana Epstein (Lake Braddock) 5:10.66 G-1600, Elizabeth Heath (West Potomac) 11:17.64 G-3200 Norview Invitational (Norview HS - Norfolk, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Phoebus 48.87 -G4x100, Niamani Aduma (Phoebus) 46.17 G-300H/17'7.50 G-LJ/37'5" G-TJ, Chaneka Perry (Denbigh) 37'7.50" G-TJ/15.27 G-100H/46.70 G-300H, Rasul Crenshaw (Booker T. Washington) 10.89 B-100/50.48 B-400, Mike Jackson (Lake Taylor) 14.53 B-110H/38.45 B-300H, Cordaral Madison (Booker T. Washington) 38.45 B-300H/15.25 B-110H, Frede Spellman (Oscar Smith) 53'4" B-Shot/149'9" B-Discus, Team Champions: Booker T. Washington Boys-83.50 pts & Denbigh Girls-118 pts Peninsula Relays (Darling Stadium - Hampton, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Dejor Simmons (Green Run) 10.62 B-100 & VA #1 21-61 B-200, Green Run VA #1 41.95 B-4x100, Lavell Handy (Hampton) VA #1 23'5" B-LJ/46'7" B-TJ/14.49 B110H/39.40 B300H, Tiffany Harris (Churchland) VA #1 18'7" G-LJ, Ruth Hunt (Heritage) VA #1 12.14 G-100 & 24.92 G-200, Raven Wilson (Booker T. Washington) VA #1 24.86 G-200, Maia Wise (Menchville) 45.27 G-300H, Tylesia Miles (Booker T. Washington) 45.76 G-300H, Sherrard Marrow (Bethel) 38.86 B-300H, Ja-Vell Bullard (Bethel) 21.96 B-200 Running Store City-County Championships (Freedom HS - Woodbridge, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Battlefield 8:07.14 B-4x800, Wesley Jones (Potomac Senior) 49.25 B-400, Rex Parker (Battlefield) 22'6" B-LJ & 46'5.50" G-TJ, Maggie Gentry (Brentsville) 11:19.12 G-3200, Kim Blaylock (Battlefield) 12.68 G-100 & 25.90 G-200, Yvonne Amegashie (Potomac Senior) 12.79 G-100 & 25.40 G-200, Gar-Field 4:01.00 G-4x400 & 9:40.34 G-4x800, Andre Wanzer (Brentsville) 11.24 B-100/22.47 B-200/50.38 B-400, Paul DeVito (Osbourn Park) 14.76 B-110H, Potomac Senior 42.69 -B4x100 Southern Maryland Track Classic (North Point HS - Waldorft, MD) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - TYNITA BUTTS (T.C. Williams) 20'4.50" GLJ!/VA #1 12.00 G-100/5'6" G-HJ, Katherine Lee (West Potomac) 18'2 G-LJ, West Potomac 3:24.52 B-4x400, Langley 9:53.11 G-4x800, Erika Weidman (T.C. Williams) 2:20.66 G-800, Team Champions: La Plata (MD) Boys-63 pts & Langley Girls-58pts Taco Bell Classic (Spring Valley HS - Columbia, SC) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Emma Dejarnette (Atlee) VA #1 12'6", Curtis Campbell (Grassfield) 49.09 B-400 & 21.97 B-200, Myesha Barr (Grassfield) 58.00 G-400 & 25.22p G-200, Allen Kelly (King's Fork) 15'0", Keith Ricks (King's Fork) 21.75p B-200 & 49.88 400, Andrew Hall (William Byrd) 1:58.98 B-800, Janel Reeves (Brookville) 5:15.63 G-Mile, Alisha Royal (William Byrd) 2:20.13 G-800 - Watch Video of Dejarnette clearing 12'6"! Turner Ashby Invitational (Turner Ashby HS - Bridgewater, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Natalie Baird (Park View-Sterling) US #2 & VA #1 158'4" G-Discus & 42'7.75" G-Shot, Katie Cummings (Fort Defiance) 43'3" G-Shot, Jasmine Burrill (Skyline) 17'11" G-LJ, Reuben Shanks (Warren County) 152'0" B-Discus, Brianna Mitchell (Spotswood) 13.04 G-100 & 26.64 G-200, Brett Olinger (Broadway) 15.54 B-110H & 40.72 B-300H, Melvin Carter (Charlottesville) 51'7.75" B-Shot, Team Champions: Turner Ashby Boys-109 pts & Spotswood Girls-78 pts Wolverine Invitational (North Stafford HS - Stafford, VA) - Results Posted & Performances Entered - Reynaldo Radlin (North Stafford) 14.69 B-110H & VA #1 38.15 B-300H, Jasmine Jones (Hayfield) 14.78 G-100H/45.19 G300H/25.51 G-200, Bilnita Armstead (James Monroe) 18'0.50" G-LJ, Jazmine Gordon (Riverbend) 12.51 G-100 & 25.55 G-200, Kellie Hall (Brooke Point) 2:20.30 G-800, James Monroe 8:13.64 B4x400, Team Champions: McLean Boys-84.50 pts & James Monroe Girls-97.50 pts   Photo Galleries: Deep Run Invitational by John Herzog (Purchase Photos HERE) Gus Lacy Track Classic Photo Gallery by David Fleenor Invitational by Robert Lee Metro Run & Walk Northern VA Invitational by Ted Plunkett Metro Run & Walk Northern VA Invitational by Dani Villiva Norfolk Academy Meet (4/11) by Andy Paisley Turner Ashby Invitational by Tom Hoerner   Upload your videos from 4/12 meets HERE

Video: Gus Lacy Track Classic Boys 3200 Apr 12, 2008

Race video of the boys 3200 meter run at the 2008 Gus Lacy Track Classic. Despite the windy conditions which may have slow down the runners, the race was still thrilling due to the great field assembled. There were several lead changes, but Thomas Porter was the final leader as a 9:18.33 winner over Ben Dejarnette in second place at 9:19.50.  

Gus Lacy Boys 3200: "Put it this way. If you don't break 9:30, you ain't getting a medal" Apr 11, 2008

Thomas Porter and racing well early in the season are two things that usually do not go together as the Mountain View junior has taken the approach in past seasons of taking his lumps early with slower times and losses only to come on very strong at season's end, but he looked fitter than ever last weekend at the VA Runner Invite when he had a huge negative split in his 9:33 3200 win with a 4:33 last mile. On the following day, he split a 4:15 on his 1600 meter leg of the DMR, which would be an 8 second improvement from his open 1600 best. Porter will be one of the favorites in this weekend's loaded boys 3200 meter race at the Gus Lacy Track Classic. When asked how good will this weekend's boys 3200 meter race will be, Winston Brown, Fork Union coach and meet director for this Saturday's Gus Lacy Track Classic, said "Put it this way. If you don't break 9:30, you ain't getting a medal." And top six medal at Gus Lacy, so if six are going under 9:30 in 3200 meter run this weekend then it is a no-brainer what will be the featured event at not only Gus Lacy, but of any of the meets being contested this weekend. Check out the performance list and you will find that Coach Brown was not over exaggerating the quality of the field which will toe the line in the eight-lap event. More...

Gus Lacy Track Classic Performance List Apr 10, 2008

Performance list for the 2008 Gus Lacy Track Classic to be held Saturday, April 12th at Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, Virginia. Check out the boys 3200 field!