Concorde District Mega-Meet- Part II 2019

Chantilly, VA
Hosted by Chantilly
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Meet Information

Concorde District Meet Format

May 1st & May 8th, 2019

For our final two Wednesday meets, we will competing as a complete 5-team district. We will use FAT timing, and marks will be eligible for post-season qualification.

a) Entries will be done on Milestat. You will have unlimited entries in the running and field events, but please keep in mind that this will be ONE meet, albeit spread out over 2 days, separated by two weeks. Thus, all athletes will be allowed to run three (3) running events total (between the two dates), along with unlimited field events.

b) Each team will be assigned an event to cover, to help out the host school, and keep the meet going efficiently. We will ask each team to also provide a coach/adult to help out at the finish line (moving people on between heats, helping record hip numbers for distance races, etc)

c) The meet will broken in half, according the schedule below. This should allow most athletes to be able to have events to compete in both days, while not overburdening any one event.

d) Throws/Jumps will be 3 attempts, no finals.


4:45 pm- Field Events Start

Boys & Girls LJ (1.5 hour open pit)

Boys HJ

Girls Pole Vault

Boys Shot Put

Girls Discus

5:15 running events: (Girls, then Boys)

4x800m Relay

100m/110m Hurdles

100m Dash

1600m Run

4x100m Relay

400m Dash


4:45 pm- Field Events Start

Boys & Girls TJ (1.5 hour open pit)

Girls HJ

Boys Pole Vault

Girls Shot Put

Boys Discus

5:15 running events: (Girls, then Boys)

300m Hurdles

800m Run

200m Dash

3200m Run

4x400m Relay

DUTIES (All field events must include capable adult/coach to run the event, as well as student helpers)

- Centreville- Boys/Girls LJ/TJ

- Chantilly- Timing, Starting,  Boys/Girls Shot Put,

- Madison- Pole Vault, Clerk, Hurdle Crew, (5/1)

- Oakton- Boys/Girls HJ

- Westfield- Boys/Girls Discus, Hurdle Crew (5/8)

ALL TEAMS- At least one coach/capable adult to help at the finish line.