Meet Information

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to a change in UVA's policy, we are unable to host the meet this year. We will not try to reschedule or relocate this event. We will be back at UVA next May and cannot wait to host a state championship track meet for these young student-athletes. All entry fees can be refunded by requesting the money back or cancelling the payment on PayPal. 

Tentative Schedule

*Note that this time schedule is based on an absolute at capacity meet, expect it to be much quicker than listed... a final schedule will be posted in the weeks leading up to the event. 

7:30am Track Opens

8:30am Boys 110m Hurdle Prelims (All Athletes Accepted)

--Begin Rolling Schedule --

9:00am Girls 100m Hurdle Prelims (All Athletes Accepted)

9:30am Boys 100m Dash Prelims (All Athletes Accepted)

10:00am Girls 100m Dash Prelims (All Athletes Accepted)

10:30am **Elementary School Girls 100m Dash Finals (All Athletes Accepted)

11:00am**Elementary School Boys 100m Dash Finals (All Athletes Accepted)

11:10am Girls 4x800m Relay (All Teams Accepted)

11:45am Boys 4x800m Relay (All Teams Accepted)

12:30pm Boys 110m Hurdle Final (Top 8 Advance From Prelims on Time)

12:35pm Girls 100m Hurdle Final (Top 8 Advance From Prelims on Time)

12:40pm Boys 100m Dash Final (Top 8 Advance From Prelims on Time)

12:45pm Girls 100m Dash Final (Top 8 Advance From Prelims on Time

12:50pm Girls Mile Run (Top 150 Athletes Accepted) ~6 Sections

1:20pm Boys Mile Run (Top 150 Athletes Accepted) ~6 Sections

1:50pm Girls 4x100m Relay (All Teams Accepted)

2:20pm Boys 4x100m Relay (All Teams Accepted)

2:50pm Girls 400m Dash (Top 160 Athletes Accepted) ~20 Sections

3:20pm Boys 400m Dash (Top 160 Athletes Accepted) ~20 Sections

4:20pm Girls 300m Hurdles (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~13 Sections

5:00pm Boys 300m Hurdles (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~13 Sections

5:30pm Girls 800m Run (Top 150 Athletes Accepted) ~8 Sections

6:10pm Boys 800m Run (Top 150 Athletes Accepted) ~8 Sections

6:40pm **Elementary School Girls One Mile Run (All Athletes Accepted)

7:00pm**Elementary School Boys One Mile Run (All Athletes Accepted)

7:20pm Girls 200m Dash (Top 200 Athletes Accepted) ~25 Sections

7:40pm Boys 200m Dash (Top 200 Athletes Accepted) ~25 Sections

7:35pm Girls 3200m Run (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~3 Sections

8:00pm Boys 3200m Run (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~3 Sections

8:25pm Girls 4x400m Relay (All Teams Accepted)

8:50pm Boys 4x400m Relay (All Teams Accepted)

Field Events 

(Top 9 Move Onto Finals In All Field Events Except Pole Vault/High Jump)

8:30am Boys Shot Put (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights 

8:30am Girls Discus Throw (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights 

10:30am Boys High Jump (All Athletes Accepted) *Separate Pits

10:30am Girls High Jump (All Athletes Accepted) *Separate Pits

11:30am Girls Shot Put (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights

11:30am Boys Discus Throw (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights 

1:00pm Girls Long Jump (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights 

1:00pm Boys Long Jump (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights 

3:30pm Girls Triple Jump (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights

3:30pm Boys Triple Jump (Top 100 Athletes Accepted) ~5 Flights 

9:30am Girls Pole Vault (All Athletes Accepted) 

11:00am Boys Pole Vault (All Athletes Accepted)

Meet Info & FAQ

Registration Window: Registration is open until 7/5/20 at 11:59pm. That means you cannot enter on 7/6/20 at 12:01am. 

How To Pay: You can pay one of two ways. Via check made out to "Virginia Middle School States" mailed to 3312 Pond Chase Ct Midlothian, VA 23113 or via the PayPal link on the registration page. Payment is due at the time of registration closing. 

Meet Location & Parking: The track & field  championships will take place at Lannigan Field on the campus of the University of Virginia. There are multiple parking lots around the track facility, some are close to a 300m walk to the stadium. 

Packet Pickup/Team Setup Area: Teams need to check-in and enter the facility on the side entrance. That is where packet pickup and the clerking of running races will be. Teams will get their bibs and be shown where check-in will take place. From there teams can setup tents along the back turn and back stretch of the facility. 

Results: Live Results will be posted on this meet page as well as posted on . They will have live results and scoreboards at the facility. 

How To Qualify: The qualification process is very simply for these first state championships. Entries will be based solely on a ranked list of the athletes entered. Please check the corresponding event list above for the schedule to see how many athletes will be allowed for each. Some events will allow unlimited while others are capped. In those capped events, for example the 3200m allowing only 100 athletes, the top ranked athletes will be accepted. That is to say if there were 120 entries in the event only the top 100 athletes would be accepted into the meet. We do not anticipate reaching capacity in any event but if it does seem to be a strong possibility we will make teams and parents aware of how many entries are in the event. Assume the event will not fill up unless otherwise noted. Times for rankings need to be posted on and can be sent to Nolan Jez at . He can post results and add them to the rankings for seeding purposes. 

How To Enter: You can enter your athlete or team right here on MileStat! You just need to be a team admin or parent who has claimed your child's athlete profile. From there you log into your account and come to this meet page. Then click the green "Register Online" button in the upper right side. 

Teams vs Unattached vs Clubs: Meet management completely understands that some schools have very different rules and restrictions for middle school competition. That is why this meet is open to all. Athletes must be middle school student-athletes but can compete for their school or unattached with a club. We prefer athletes to compete for their school as a first priority since this meet is being scored by teams but do accept that not every school has an official team. This meet is open to all middle school athletes from public, private, and home schools. 

Entry Fee: The entry fee is just that, an entry fee, not a competition fee. It is $15 per athlete. That fee goes to paying the facility, officials, and timing equipment for these championships. 

Spectators: Fans, parents, and family can and are asked to come watch these championships to give these championships a packed house and awesome atmosphere. It is $10 per spectator, children under a certain age will be admitted for free. Athletes competing are allowed in for free as well. 

Elementary School Races: There will be two elementary school races. This includes the 100m dash and one mile run. All elementary school athletes may enter these timed finals with a seed time. Please be sure to enter the elementary school races. 

Spikes Allowed: Only 1/4" pyramid spikes are allowed if your athlete is wearing spikes. 

Shot Put/Discus Weights: Girls will throw a 6 POUND shot, boys will throw a 4 KILOGRAM shot. Boys AND Girls will both throw a 1 KILOGRAM discus. Implements will be weighed at the event prior to competition beginning. 

Hurdle Spacing & Heights: Girls' hurdle height is 30" and boys' hurdle height is 33" for the 100/110 hurdle races. In the 300m hurdle races both boys and girls will run the race with the hurdles set to 30". The spacing of the hurdles in both events will be the exact same as the high school races. That means in the boys 110mH race the first hurdle will be 13.72m, with a spacing of 9.14m between the hurdles (10 hurdles), and 14.02m to the finish line. The girls 100mH race will have the first hurdle at 13.00m, with a spacing of 8.50m between hurdles (10 hurdles), and 10.50m to the finish line. The 300m hurdles will have eight hurdles, 45.00m to the first hurdle, 35.00m between hurdles, and 10.00m to the finish line from the last one. 

Condensed hurdles: hurdles are at the same place on the track as high school races for all four races each. The boys 110H will be one click up (33") and the rest of the hurdle races (300H boys and girls and girls 100H) will all be at the lowest setting (30"). 

Event Standards/Limits:  Check each event for the maximum number of athletes that will be accepted in each event. Meet management is not expecting many events to fill up but there are also some events which do not have any registration limits to allow all athletes a chance to compete at States. 

T-Shirts for Sale: T-Shirts will be for sale at this event with every athlete's name on the back. We sold out before the first race in XC and will only have enough shirts for 40% of the athletes... please plan accordingly to purchase one of these shirts. 

Where To Check-In For Events: Check-in for all running events will be at the shed near the start of the 100m dash. All events should check-in before the prior event starts competing. That means when the girls 100 is running the boys 100 should be already checking in. Field events can check in at the event ~30 minutes before the listed start time. 

Awards: Top 3 in every event will receive a medal and the top 2 teams for both genders will receive a team trophy. Meet management will announce award winners during breaks in action and will make announcements for all award winners to gather for their announcement. Parents will be able to take photos and official meet photos will be taken for as well. 

Relay Teams: Batons will be provided, only one relay team per school. No "all-star" relays allowed. All members of the relay team must attend the same middle school. 

Middle School Invitationals: This outdoor season there are more middle school invitationals than ever before. Athletes competing at these and any other middle school meet will have their results added to the MileStat database and these times can be used for qualifying and seeding at the state meet. Some invitationals to look at are: Kellie Wells Classic (4/4), Massaponax Middle School Invite (4/4), Caroline JV/Middle School Invite (4/20), Elite Track Classic (4/24), Middle School Championship Qualifying Meet (4/25), 4th President's Middle School Invitational(5/2),  Cosmopolitan Invitational (TBD), VA Middle Schools Crystal Cup (5/16). All can be found on the meet calendar. 

Contact Info: Meet management can be reached via email at