Meet Schedule

UPDATED Meet Schedule:
Tentative Schedule 11/23/20

IMPORTANT SCHEDULE INFO: Athletes and spectators will be able to enter ONLY at their listed event time. After they finish competing they will then exit the building. When the final schedule is posted, that will be the time you may enter, you will run roughly 15-20 minutes after. 

EXAMPLE: Girls entered in the two mile and their spectators can enter at 12:00pm. Running will begin roughly at 12:20pm and conclude at 12:50pm. Athletes and spectators will then all exit. We will then repeat that entire process for the next running event at 1:00pm. 

All events will be run following this schedule: Girls --> Boys. 18-15, 13-14, 11-12, 9-10, 8-Under. All girls will run then all boys will run following those age-groups. 

The 200, 400, and Mile runs are each slated to take two hours. To stay under the 250 person limit we will be breaking the events into two sessions each. We will let you know which session you are in ahead of time. It will be something like this: Heats 1-15 are in the first session and heats 15-30 are in the second session. Each session will be able to warm-up inside. 

Friday, December 4th, 2020

*All events run High School-Age together first then go oldest --> youngest for remaining age-groups

12:00pm - Boys/Girls Pentathlon 60mH, Long Jump (B), High Jump (G), Shot Put, Long Jump (G), High Jump (B), 1000 (B), 800 (G)

12:00pm - Girls Two Mile Run

1:00pm - Boys Two Mile Run

2:00pm - Girls 200m Dash

4:00pm - Boys 200m Dash

6:00pm - Girls 800m Run

7:00pm - Boys 800m Run

8:00pm - Girls 60m Hurdles Finals

9:00pm - Boys 60m Hurdles Finals 

Field Events

10:00am - Boys High Jump

10:00am - Girls Shot Put

11:00pm - Girls Long Jump
7:30pm - Pole Vault (Contested on both pits)

Saturday, December 5th, 2020

*All events run High School-Age first then go oldest --> youngest for remaining age-groups
 7:50am - Girls 4x800m Relay & Boys 4x800m Relay

 8:30am - Girls 60m Dash Prelims

10:00am - Boys 60m Dash Prelims 

11:30pm - Girls 4x200m Relay & Boys 4x200m Relays

12:00pm - Girls One Mile Run

12:50pm - 60m Dash Finals both genders for high school age only 

2:00pm - Boys One Mile Run

4:00pm - Girls 400m Dash

6:00pm - Boys 400m Dash

8:00pm - Mixed 4x400m Relay, Girls 4x4, Boys 4x4

8:30pm - Girls 5K, Boys 5K

Field Events

8:00am - Boys Shot Put

8:00am - Boys Triple Jump

6:00pm - Girls High Jump

6:00pm - Girls Triple Jump

7:00pm - Boys Long Jump