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2020 VA Elite XC Invitational

Pole Green Park (Upper Course)


COVID-19 Protocols: This invitational is for the kids. That means meet management is going to be taking a very strict stance on social distancing and mask wearing by all patrons of Pole Green Park on the day of our event. It is our goal to provide these club athletes with a competitive environment to chase their PR and remain safe and healthy the entire time. That will entail following this guidelines which go above and beyond those recommended by local and state governments. 

  • Masks must be worn by all people in the park at all times (the only exception is for runners while they are actually running the race, they are expected to wear a mask while warming up or cooling down and will be disqualified if officials find athletes not abiding by these guidelines). 
  • Social distancing measures will be enforced and congregating at "popular" places on the course will not be allowed. This includes the finish line which will not be open to spectators. 
  • The entire event will be live streamed on! Stay safe and watch from home this October to help this event. 
  • Meet management politely asks that athletes warm-up on the upper course (fields) and cool-down on the lower course (woods). Just because you are warming up/cooling down though does not mean social distancing is not in affect, please leave 10 meters between you and others when running not in the race. 
  • Bib timing, you will receive either an unattached bib or your club coach will receive your entire club team's packet with bibs in it. Please see the finish line area for those supplies and adhere the bib to the jersey front. It will serve as a bib and chip for your race. 
  • Only individuals in the very next race for their gender will be able to enter the park at any one time. What this means is you will drive up thru the park and around the skatepark there will be check point asking for all names and club team affiliations. In simpler terms, athletes will only be able to enter the park roughly 60-80 minutes before their race and we ask that it is closer to 60. We also ask that cool downs be limited to 20 minutes. 
  • Spectators are asked to view from home on our online stream. If they must come to the meet and watch we ask that they wait in their cars until the start of the race and understand there will be no spectator access to the finish line area or directly next to the mile mark either. Once again, this event is for the kids and this was a concession we had to make for them. We know you will understand. 
  • Only one parent/family member is allowed to come per athlete, this is so that everyone can have someone watch them run. 
  • Please only arrive when you must (i.e. for warmups and the such) as we will be limiting cars' access to the facility and course area. Also please exit promptly because you will be stopping others from entering the park as well. 

Entry Info: All entries are made via the entry system. You can enter as an unattached individual or as a part of a club team. High school teams (public or private) are not allowed to enter this club event. Please enter the appropriate division and race. 

Entry Fee: This event is based on individual fees and not team fees. The entry fee is $20 per kid and is due at the time of entry. This fee is non-refundable if the event happens. 

Race Seeding: Race seeding will be based on the database and is the final discretion of meet management. Please understand it is an imperfect process but that meet management will be diligently attempting to make the races the best they can be. For those interesting in running in local races or different races please email meet management. 

Final Time Schedule (Saturday October 17th) 

7:20am - Girls White Club Race

8:00am - Boys White Club Race

9:00am - Girls Gold Club Race

10:00am - Boys Gold Club Race

11:00am - Seeded Girls Club Race

12:00pm - Seeded Boys Club Race

  1:00pm - Girls Red Club Race

  2:00pm - Boys Red Club Race

  3:00pm - Girls MS State Championship 4K

  4:00pm - Boys MS State Championship 4K

  5:00pm - Middle School Mixed Race 4K

  6:00pm - Boys Blue Club Race

  6:20pm - Mixed Black Club  5K ***

      *This event will start once last finisher from previous race is across the line

T-Shirts: T-Shirts with every athlete's name will be available for sale. The t-shirt vendors will only accept cash or check. There will be a limited supply so please purchase upon arrival. Prices for the t-shirts will be added here closer to the event but will range from 20-30$ per item based on sleeve length and fabric material. 

Affiliation: This meet is NOT hosted by the Virginia Elite Track Club or the XC Invitational, that meet has been moved to the spring. This event is not a MileSplit hosted event, we are simply using them for our registration and coverage of the meet.