WERC Invitational 2020

Mechanicsville, VA

Meet Information

This event will be run on the Pole Green Upper 5K course. This is an AAU race.  Must be a member of the AAU prior to entering.

Email skitherunner@gmail.com for password.

WERC Invite updated time schedule

BE AWARE THAT TIME CHANGES AT 2:00am ON NOVEMBER 1.So set clocks back on Halloween.

Based on number of entries, here is an adjusted

schedule.If you want to move races,

please let me know by email (skitherunner@gmail.com).Also, the registration is still open if you

would like to edit any entries.


Girls A/B Race8:30am(32 runners as of 10/22)

Boys A Race9:20am(31 runners)

Girls C Race10:10am (23 runners)

Boys B/C Race11:00am

(50 runners)


Arrival for your race should be no earlier than 60 minutes

to your race start time.

There is a 2-spectator limit per athlete.All spectators need to wear a face-covering

while on the race site location.If you

do not want to wear a mask, please stay in your car.Following the race (and cool

down), please return to your vehicle and leave the race area


Awards: medals given in the finish line chute to top 5

finishers in each race.



Masks:Masks must be worn by all spectators at all times. This is a private event and if you cannot

adhere to this, we ask you stay at home. 


Athletes & Masks:Athletes should wear masks at all times except

for when they are warming up, racing and cooling down. When on the starting

line we will ask parents to grab your mask roughly 2 minutes before the start

of the race. They will then bring the mask to you in the finish line chute


Parents/Spectators:ONLY 2 Parent/Spectators

are allowed per athlete
. We are under strict instructions from Pole Green Park, the city

of Mechanicsville, and county of Hanover on this.


Packet/Bib Pickup:Athletes, coaches, parents, or anyone can pick up your packet or

bib next to the finish line area


Pole Green Park will strictly enforce the 250 person limit for our event. If you are a coach, please impress upon your athletes and parents that this race is a VERY special circumstance and we simply cannot have many spectators. For this reason we ask that each athlete only bring 2 parents for spectating. As race director, I cannot overstate the importance of keeping our numbers small. More detailed information will follow once athletes register.

We will be following the Hanover County Parks and Recreation Phase 3 athletic field use protocol.

To ensure the safety of our athletes, coaches, staff and spectators face coverings will be required at all times. Athletes can remove masks during warm up, racing, and cool down.

COVID Protocol: Physical distancing for all players, coaches and spectators (outside of family units) on and off the course

This is a private event therefore FACE COVERINGS WILL BE WORN AT ALL TIMES for NON ATHLETES

Bib timing, you will receive either an unattached bib or your club coach will receive your entire club team's packet with bibs in it. Please see the finish line area for those supplies and adhere the bib to the jersey front. It will serve as a bib and chip for your race.  Timing will be done by RunRideRace.


Open to club teams and unattached runners. 

Only high school age runners (grades 8-12) may participate.


Registration for this event will be done online through Milestat.com entry system.  Email skitherunner@gmail.com for password

PRICE: $15 per athlete

Select a race based on your current ability. Use the following guidelines:

Boys A under 17:00     Girls A under 20:00

Boys B under 18:30
     Girls B under 21:30

Boys C over 18:30
     Girls C over 21:30

When a race is full, please contact race management at skitherunner@gmail.com to make exceptions.