Chantilly, Madison & Westfield 2021

Chantilly, VA
Hosted by Westfield
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CHANTILLY & MADISON @ WESTFIELD HS- Saturday, January 9th, 2021

Westfield HS

Athletes need to get their hip numbers at the finish line shed, prior to their event. Check in for each event will be at the start area. Please note that we will NOT be reseeding or making substitutions, in order to keep the events moving.

For COVID-19 purposes, masks must be worn at all times, by coaches and athletes.  Athletes should wear their masks properly, covering their mouth & noses. Teams should bring their own blocks for the 55m and 300m events, and coaches should be prepared to disinfect accordingly.

For the distance events, we will start with the first 1/3 of the field in the alley, the rest will waterfall.

Field events will start at 11:00 am; running events will start at 11:30 am. There are no parent spectators allowed; all coaches ,officials and participants must wear masks at all times.

The order of events will be:

NOTE: The Time Schedule is only an estimate... we will move ahead.

11:00 am- Field Events Start

Girls Shot followed by Boys Shot

1 Hour Open Pit Boys & Girls LJ, followed by Boys & Girls TJ

Girls HJ, followed by Boys HJ ( Starting Heights of 4' 0" (girls)/5' 0" (boys)

Running Events will be run on a rolling schedule (Girls, followed by Boys)

NOTE:We will run ahead of schedule as needed; times are only an estimate.

11:30 am 4x800m

Relay (Girls)

4x800m Relay (Boys)

11:50  55m Hurdles (Girls)  (4 heats)

12:00 55m Hurdles (Boys)  (2 heats)

12:05 55m Dash (Girls)  (10 heats)

12:20 55m Dash (Boys)  (10 heats)

12:35 4x200m Relay (Girls)  (2 heats)

12:43 4x200m Relay (Boys)  (2 heats)

12:50 1600m Run (Girls)  (1 heat)

12:58 1600m Run (Boys)  (1 heat)

1:05 300m Dash (Girls)  (6 heats)

1:15 300m Dash (Boys) (6 heats)

1:30 1000m Run (Girls) (1 heat)

1:37 1000m Run (Boys) (1 heat)

1:45 500m Dash (Girls)(2 heats)

1:55 500m Dash (Boys)  (2 heats)

2:05 3200m Run (Girls & Boys)

2:20 4x400m Relay (Girls) (1 heat)

2:25 4x400m Relay (Boys) (1 heat)