River Ridge Meet #5 2021

Roanoke, VA

Meet Information

The following River Ridge Teams ONLY are invited to this meet.  (Blacksburg, Hidden Valley, Pulaski @ Cave Spring)  

An email will be sent to these coaches with more meet day information on Monday May 17th.   

Field Events: Start at 4:00 pm:

1st Women's Shot Put:

Women's Discus :  

1st Men's Discus :

Men's Shot Put :

1st Women's High Jump:

Men's High Jump:  

1st Women's Long Jump:

1st Men's Long Jump:

Women's Triple Jump:

Men's Triple Jump:

Running Events: Start at 4:30


Women's 3200m Relay:

Men's 3200m Relay:

Women's 100m Hurdles:

Men's 110m Hurdles:

Women's 100m Dash:

Men's 100m Dash:

Women's 1600m Run:

Men's 1600m Run:


4x100m Relay:

Men's 4x100m Relay:

Women's 400m Dash:

Men's 400m Dash:

Women's 300m Hurdles:

Men's 300m Hurdles:  

Women's 800m Dash:

Men's 800m Dash:

Women's 200m Dash:

Men's 200m Dash:

Women's 3200m Run:  

Men's 3200m Run:

Women's 4x400m Relay:

Men's 4x400m Relay: