2021 WCAC Cross Country Championships 2021

Manassas, VA
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Meet Information

WCAC 2021 Cross Country Championship Format



 2.      Packets may be picked up at 9:00 AM near the finish area where we will have the coaches' meeting.

 3.      Please have your athletes on the starting line and ready to go 10 minutes prior to the start of each race.

4.  Meet Schedule:                                 

9:30 AM                             Coaches'meeting (Awards Table)

10:00 AM                            Freshman

10:30AM                            Varsity B Boys

11:00AM                            Varsity B Girls

11:30AM                            Varsity A Boys

12:00 noon                         Varsity A Girls

12:45PM                             Awardsceremony

 5. Awards, both individual and team,will be handed out at the awards ceremony as follows:

Varsity A races: medals to top 12 individuals,plaques to 2nd place teams and  trophy to 1st place


Varsity B races: medals to top 12 individuals, plaques to 2ndplace team and trophy to 1st place team

6. Assigning chip & bib numbers:

Each athlete competing in a race will be assigned a competitor bib number which will be pinned to their chest

and a corresponding chip to be worn on their shoe.  YOU MUST MAKE CERTAIN EACH ATHLETE WEARS THE

BIB NUMBER AND CHIP ASSIGNED TO HIM/HER ON THE SHEET IN YOUR PACKET.  Each athlete must start and finish the race with both items to receive a time. Additional instructions for the shoe chip will be provided in each team's packet.  ALL chips must be returned at the conclusion of the meet. A $25 fee will be assessed for each chip not returned after the meet.

 7.  Officiating:

The meet referee, or designee, is responsible for starting each race and for judging finish places and for enforcement of appropriate rules. An appeals committee made up of three head coaches (St. John's, Holy Cross, Gonzaga) and will rotate yearly.  The appeals committee will be called upon in case any head coach files an official appeal with the referee.

 8. Eligibility:

In order to race any athletes in either Varsity B or freshman boys' races, a team must race a minimum of 5 competitors in the Varsity A race. An unlimited number of runners from a school may compete in freshman and

varsity B races. No more than 7 runners may compete in a Varsity A race.

Freshmen that run in the freshmen race cannot run in two races on championship day.

 9. Bathroom facilities

Bathroom Facilities (port-a-potty) are located near the parking area.

 10. Athletic trainers

Athletic training staff will be available for treating athletes in need. They will be stationed near the area

where we conduct the coaches' meeting.