Northern VA TJMS Meet #1 2022

Arlington, VA
Hosted by Chantilly
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Meet Information


Thomas Jefferson Community Center

Date: Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Teams: Wakefield-Herndon-West Springfield-West Potomac

South Lakes- Alexandria City-Madison

Falls Church-Hayfield-Justice

    Doors open - 5:00 p.m. on Friday


    5:30 PM   Girls high jump - unlimited entries - starting height 4'0" (raise 2") to be followed by Boys high jump - unlimited entries - starting height 5'0" (raise 2") Elevation of bar will not wait for athletes competing in running events and will not be lowered     

    Boys shot put to be followed by girls shot put (unlimited entries)

    RUNNING EVENTS (rolling schedule)     

    • Meet Director:  Matt Gilchrist (
    • Asst Director: Mark Stripe
    • Clerks: Mark Stripe, Bob Strauss
    • Starters: Ed Geraty, John Morris
    • Finish Line Coordinator: Don Beeby

    5:30 pm (Rolling Schedule)

    -  Girls - 4 x 800 meter relay (2 teams max per school)

    -  Boys 4 x 800 meter relay (2 teams max per school)


      -  Girls - 55 meter hurdles - maximum of six hurdlers per school, run on homestretch      

      -  Boys - 55 meter hurdles - maximum of six hurdlers per school, run on homestretch      

      -  Varsity Girls - 55 meter dash - maximum of three runners per school, run on homestretch       

      -  Varsity Boys - 55 meter dash -maximum of three runners per school, run on homestretch      

      -  JV Girls - 55 meter dash - unlimited entries, run on backstretch - opposite side of track      

      -  JV Boys - 55 meter dash - unlimited entries, run on backstretch - opposite side of track

      -  Girls - 4 x 200 meter relay - six teams per school - 1st team only scores      

      -  Boys - 4 x 200 meter relay - six teams per school - 1st team only scores      

      -  Girls - 1600 meter run - five runners maximum per school (two sections only)

      -  Boys - 1600 meter run - five runners maximum per school (two sections only)       

      -  Girls - 500 meter dash - six runners per school, three varsity & three JV       

      -  Boys - 500 meter dash - six runners per school, three varsity & three JV       

      -  Girls - 1000 meter run - five runners maximum per school (three sections only)       

      -  Boys - 1000 meter run - five runners maximum per school (three sections only)       

      -  Girls - 300 meter dash - six runners per school, three varsity & three JV       

      -  Boys - 300 meter dash - six runners per school, three varsity & three JV        

      -  Girls - 3200 meter run - three runners maximum per school (one section only)        

      -  Boys - 3200 meter run - three runners maximum per school (one section only)        

      -  Girls - 4 x 400 meter relay (one team per school if start is after 9:45 p.m.)        

      -  Boys - 4 x 400 meter relay (one team per school if start is after 9:45 p.m) 

      If 4 x 400 relays start before 9:45 p.m., a maximum of 4 teams per school may compete (2 girls, 2 boys)

        • Meet Entry:

          - All entries will be done on  They will be due at 12 noon on Friday.  You will receive a program with heats/seeding no later than 2 pm on Friday. Please note that there will be NO SUBSTITUTIONS on meet

            If your athlete does not show, he/she will not run.

          The password for meets is: TJMS2122

          COVID-19 Mask Policy:

          As per Arlington County policy, all athletes/coaches/officials/specators must wear masks while in the facility.  Athletes may take masks off when they are at the start line of their event, and must put them back on after their races.

          There is no eating inside the track arena. Any food consumption should be in the sitting area by the teen center or outside.

          Coaches should ask each athlete the dynamic CDC questions before attending meets:

          •          Do have a fever of 100.4 or more currently or have a sense of a fever?
          •          Do you have a new cough, shortness of breath,or difficulty breathing that cannot be attributed to another health condition? 
          •          Do you have any new chills, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell that cannot be attributed to another health condition? 
          •          Do you have any new muscle aches (myalgia)that cannot be attributed to another health condition or specific activity (such as physical exercise)? 
          •          Are you currently awaiting COVID-19 test results that are outside of an active surveillance program (e.g., regular testing as required for employment/student status) as directed by a provider or because of a close contact exposure?
          •          Have you had a positive test result for the virus that causes COVID-19 disease within the past 10 days?
          •          Have you been identified by a Public Health Agency or APS as having had close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more cumulative) with someone in the past 14 days with suspected or confirmed COVID-19? Vaccinated individuals are exempt from close contact unless they are experiencing symptoms and should answer no.


          Our meets depend upon coach/parent participation, and it is expected that all teams pull their weight.For each meet you are entered, you are assigned a duty (field event, scoring, hurdle crew, hip numbers, etc).You are expected to fulfill your team duty, regardless of how many athletes you may be bringing. In addition, you are expected to fulfill your meet duty with people who are properly trained in doing their job. For example, do not hand off running a field event to a parent (or coach) who has never officiated or knows nothing about the event, and expect them to figure it out. Please take the time to go over the rules of the event, and how it is administered in advance of the meet.

          Please do not come to the meet and tell the meet director that because you have a split squad, or that your coaching staff is not all present, that you can't do your event...the other teams at the meet are counting on you to fill your role ably.

          -  Please make sure  to deposit your hip number in the trash can following each race, so they don't get stuck to the floor. Varsity ONLY 55m Dash runners will check in on homestretch; JV 55 Dash will check in on the backstretch (w/out hip numbers).

          -  All schools must provide a coach to help count laps and time their distance runners. (1000, 1600, 3200 & 4x800m).

          Scoring -only three athletes and one relay are eligible per school per event to score

          * No spikes are allowed in the facility. Athletes will be disqualified for wearing spikes. Represent your school well by showing good sportsmanship. No throwing or kicking balls, frisbees, hacky sacks, etc. Many thanks to athletes, coaches and spectators for placing trash in the proper receptacles.

          -  All athletes, coaches & spectators must vacate the premises within ten minutes of the completion of the final event.

          -  Results will be posted on Milestat,com at the conclusion of each meet.

          JV 55m Dash- All schools must provide 3 timers (total of 24).  We will start the JV 55m Dash on the back stretch (4 lanes), at the same time as the 55m Hurdles.  When the varsity hurdles and 55m Dash are completed, we will finish the dash on both the backstretch (4 lanes) and the homestretch (6 lanes).  We will create crews of 4-6 timers on either side to keep the meet moving. Teams who do not provide parent timers will need to provide coaches to help.

          We will have 
          stopwatches however if coaches can help provide some that would be helpful.  You can tell parents that they should be at the start area by 5:45 pm, and should be done in less than 1 hour.

          For reference on expectations of each duty, please see below:

          Shot Put(3-4 helpers)- One Coach/Competent adult to run the event,a second adult to mark, one student/parent to pull the tape, and 2 more to help retrieve the shot. 

          High Jump (3-4)- One Coach/Competent adult to run the event, 2 parent/student helpers to replace the bar.Teams will be responsible for putting the mats away at the end of the meet (TJMS). 

          Hurdle Crew (10-12)- Set up Hurdles at the start of the 55m Hurdles; Raise them between the girls/boys events (2 notches), re-set them between heats.  Remove hurdles from track following the boys 55m hurdles; set up barrier by start/finish line.  Put them away at end of the night (during 3200m run). You should assign two athletes per row of hurdles during event to re-set them as needed, and to keep meet moving. Between genders, re-set weights. After boys hurdles, lower the height back down to girls' height.  

          Scorers- At TJMS, all scoring will be done by the timing crew. For the JV 55m Dash only, you will need to provide tags for your athletes. Each tag should include the following information:

          •          Name (first & last)
          •          Gender
          •          School

          The time will be written on the tags, which will be collected, and then put into the results by hand.The tags will be put into a manilla envelope, and returned, along with carbon copies of the field events and results, to each individual team.

          Hip Numbers (3 per school): At TJMS, we are now using hip numbers for all events, except for 4x800m relays & JV 55m Dash (which will still use tags).If your team is in charge of distributing hip numbers (there are either 2-3 per meet), you should supply at least 3 students/parents to work the hip number table, which will be located in the far corner, near the start line .You will be provided with check in sheets, and athletes will be instructed which heat they will be in, and that they should put the hip number, visibly, on the left hip.They will get a separate hip number for each event they are in, and may check in for any race during the day, in advance.

          Please note that there will be NO substitutions, either in terms of event or of entered athletes.

          Helpers will be expected to remain at the check-in table until the 4x400m relays are started.

          Finish Line: One or two coaches or competent adults who can help direct athletes away from the finish line after the end of each event, and to help police traffic from people who may be attempting to cross the line between or during races, and helping to keep them away from the FAT camera.


      Boys Shot Put-  Alexandria City

      Girls Shot Put-  West Potomac

      Boys High Jump-  Madison

      Girls High Jump-  Herndon

      Hurdle Crew-  Justice

      Finish Line- West Springfield

      Hip Numbers-  Wakefield, Falls Church, Hayfield

      Timing-  South Lakes