2023 Liberty District Spring Jamboree 2023

Falls Church, VA

Meet Information

2023 Liberty District Spring Jamboree

Wednesday, May 3rd George C. Marshall High School  

7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA

Entry Limits

All Running events will be limited to 5 entries per school.  

We will be awarding trophies for the winning relays - Boys and Girls. 

I will have ribbons for the top 6 in all events.  

Field events will be limited to 5 per school. You can have the rest of your athletes compete and submit the results on or before  Wednesdays meet. 

We do not have a pole vault - so you need to complete and submit your results.  

We will additional running entries allowed based on numbers of entries per event. 

General Admission: $5.00: Concession will be open. Temporary bathrooms will be available, and the building will be open at Door #5.  There will be no access to the Locker room. 

Reminder: Meet start time is 5PM not 5:30PM as the other meets. Please plan your buses according.  

Coaches Meeting: 4:45PM 

We are having our Senior Night at 4:30PM - so - we appreciate your patience. Please find Darrell General if you cannot reach me at that  time.  

4:30 pm Senior Night to honor our Senior class 

5:00 National Anthem 

Boys Long Jump and Girls Triple jump 

Girls Long Jump and Boys Triple Jump 

Boys Discus, followed by Girls Discus 

Girls Shot Put, followed by Boys Shot put 

Girls HJ, followed by Boys HJ 

Pole vault to be contested at your own track 

5:00 pm start of running events-rolling schedule Girls followed by boys 

5:00PM 4x800 Meter Relay 

5:20PM 100/110 Meter Hurdles 

5:35PM 100 Meters Dash 

6:00PM 1600 Meters Run 

6:30PM 4x100 Meter Relay 

6:50PM 400 Meters dash 

7:20PM 300 Meter Hurdles 

7:35PM 800 Meters Run 

7:50PM Clydesdale 4 x 1 Relay  

7:55PM 200 Meters Dash 

8:35PM 3200 Meters Run 

9:15PM 4x400 Meter Relay