Workout Wednesday: What's Team War's Secret?

MileStat is on the search for the hardest workout in Virginia. That of course meant our first stop had to be down in Suffolk at Nansemond River High School, home of Team War. 

The past few years have been nothing but amazing for the Warriors of Nansemond River, now coached by Justin Byron. In just the past year Team War (as they are known outside of VA) have tallied up eight state record and numerous national titles including one of the only ever sprint relay sweeps last year. 

We headed down to Suffolk and not only learned a lot about hard work and hurdling, we also jumped in the workout to see how truly tough it was. Check out all that material above in our video feature. 

This workout comes out, not by chance, right after super sophomore Kori Carter opened her season in the hurdles. She opened it up in a big way too by taking home the Dogwood titles in both the high and intermediate hurdles with sophomore state records. Check out her and formerly Brandee' Johnson's training to attack the hurdles and own all the state records.