Preseason Countdown: Boys' Individual #9

If you want to talk about athletes waiting for that one break thru race, you gotta start with Derek Johnson. This Tuscarora athlete has the speed and definitely has the endurance with his 15:21 and 15:44 on the state course. Derek has also placed 6th the past two state championships.

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This year though Derek is on a mission he returns as the second seed in all of 5A by only a second. Yared of Edison enters as the top seed but behind both of them are quite a few juniors who are also looking for that big break thru.

Now it is very difficult to just pick one above the rest for this #9 spot amongst all male returners but Tuscarora's strong history, Derek's consistency, and the fact that he likely has one of the best training partners in Benjamin Nibbelink make Derek Johnson the solid pick for our preseason list. 

#10 - Chase Osborne (Western Branch)

#9 - Derek Johnson (Tuscarora)