DCXC Boys' Virtual Meet: Will Team VA Takeover DC?

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This weekend will certainly be a fast one up in DC. With nearly 100 teams in attendance competition will be stiff between Maryland, D.C., and of course Virginia. The question is though which state (or district) will reign victorious over the four class races this Saturday?

Meet Page - 2016 Coverage

Boys' Virtual Meet Team Scores (Full List):


Walt Whitman High School

2J.E.B. Stuart161819242585--
3Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School2004124143100--
4Gonzaga College High School213713455197--
5Northwest High School2131831355376--
6Grafton High School262137667583--
7West Springfield2791548506898--
8Thomas S. Wootton High School3253476093122--
9Clarksburg High School3409168999127--
11Paint Branch High School346232732114150--
12Sidwell Friends School40239596369172--
13St. Albans School421335562113158--
14Leonardtown High School464212986139189--
15Saint Sebastian Academy464210102162188--

Boys' Virtual Meet Top 100 Rankings (Full List):

1Price Owens12Grafton High School15:40.601
2Caleb McCurdy12Saint Sebastian Academy16:01.902
3John Riker11Thomas S. Wootton High School16:06.103
4Adam Nakasaka12Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School16:08.034
5Aaron Bratt11Walt Whitman High School16:10.105
6Jay Hall12Westlake High School16:15.006
7Gavin McElhennon10Gonzaga College High School16:16.807
8Natnael Asmelash12J.E.B. Stuart16:23.008
9Zachary Worthman11Clarksburg High School16:23.309
10Avery Fair12Saint Sebastian Academy16:33.1010
11Dillon Fields11Riverbend High School16:40.0011
12Josh Fry12Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School16:40.6412
13David Giannini11Gonzaga College High School16:40.8013
14Jeremiah Gaulding12Menchville16:41.0014
15Chris Weeks10West Springfield16:41.7015
16Jackson Kilosky12Clarksburg High School16:43.0016
17Terek Kirsch12Menchville16:45.0017
18Chase Osborne12Northwest High School16:46.5818
19Matthew O'Cadiz12J.E.B. Stuart16:50.0019
20Luke Armbruster12St. Andrews Episcopal School16:50.9020
21Sean O'Roark12Leonardtown High School16:53.1021
22Luke Tewalt10Washington Latin Public Charter School16:57.6022
23Newell Mulugeta11Paint Branch High School17:02.6023
24Sem Asmelash10J.E.B. Stuart17:05.0024
25Quinn Early10J.E.B. Stuart17:05.0025
26Benjamin S. Smith11George C. Marshall17:05.0026
27Gideon Giorgis12Paint Branch High School17:08.3027
28Michael Murphy11Walt Whitman High School17:09.4028
29Parker McDowell12Leonardtown High School17:09.5029
30Evan Leach12Riverbend High School17:10.0030
31Daniel Rogers12Northwest High School17:10.5031
32Vincente Maltagliati11Paint Branch High School17:10.8032
33Timmy Bitsberger12St. Albans School17:11.0033
34Benjamin Lesser10Walt Whitman High School17:12.2034
35Stefan Ney10Northwest High School17:12.3535
36Obi Onwuamaegbu11Walt Whitman High School17:12.4036
37Tristan Ruark12Grafton High School17:12.7037
38Benjamin Weisel12West Potomac17:12.9238
39Arjun Thillairajah10Sidwell Friends School17:13.1339
40Evan Pollack12James Hubert Blake High School17:13.7040
41Aidan Smyth11Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School17:14.5341
42Dalton Yu11Walt Whitman High School17:15.5042
43Michael Madrigal11Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School17:15.7743
44Alex Arking12Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School17:16.0044
45John Travis12Gonzaga College High School17:16.0045
46Calvin Dziewulski11Hempfield Area (7)17:20.4046
47Timothy Jiang11Thomas S. Wootton High School17:20.7047
48Benjamin Cheng12West Springfield17:20.9048
49Jackson Ringger11Wakefield High School17:21.0049
50Sam Pritchard10West Springfield17:22.6050
51Cullen Capuano10Gonzaga College High School17:22.7051
52Ethan Payne10West Potomac17:23.1252
53Alexander Moore11Northwest High School17:23.6053
54Joseph Yerovi10Herndon17:25.0054
55Jack Tongour11St. Albans School17:25.0055
56Max Greczyn11Bishop O'Connell17:26.0056
57Mason LaCava11Stonewall Jackson (Manassas)17:28.0057
58Dylan Klapper12Thomas Jefferson S&T17:28.0058
59Julian Dixon12Sidwell Friends School17:29.2159
60Mitchell Fanger12Thomas S. Wootton High School17:30.0060
61Nicholas Karayianis10Winston Churchill High School17:30.0061
62Mark Parrino12St. Albans School17:31.6062
63Philip Wright12Sidwell Friends School17:32.2663
64Daniel Weiss12Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School17:32.4064
65Matthew Laskowski12St. Anselm's Abbey School17:33.0065
66Dylan Raney9Grafton High School17:33.8066
67Josh Daggett10Riverbend High School17:34.0067
68Sean Stuck10West Springfield17:35.2068
69Mitchell Jubeir11Sidwell Friends School17:35.2769
70Jacob Rzempoluch10Hempfield Area (7)17:35.5070
71Jack Leech11W.T. Woodson17:36.0071
72Sanchir T Kennedy11George C. Marshall17:38.0072
73Liban Hanfi10Herndon17:38.0073
74Tre Simmons10Episcopal17:38.9074
75Samahd Walters12Grafton High School17:39.3075
76Kolbey Woodard12Northwest High School17:39.8376
77Kolby Demory11Woodbridge17:40.4077
78Mason Joiner12Westfield17:41.0078
79Grant Blevins12Menchville17:42.0079
80Ryan Lockett12Poolesville High School17:42.0080
81Matthew Cauley11Walt Whitman High School17:42.8081
82Jackson Umanzor12Stonewall Jackson (Manassas)17:43.0082
83Zachary Sturm10Grafton High School17:43.4083
84Jett Hall12Westlake High School17:43.5084
85Ethan Simaitis10J.E.B. Stuart17:44.0085
86Matthew Kosten11Leonardtown High School17:44.8086
87Colin Henry Stevens12Galileo High School17:45.62--
88Aslan Abrishami-azar11W.T. Woodson17:46.0087
89Matthew C Brown11George C. Marshall17:46.0088
90Sam Eig10Clarksburg High School17:48.0089
91Zach Goldman12Northwest High School17:48.4490
92Greg Garner9Walt Whitman High School17:49.9091
93Logan Ali11Hempfield Area (7)17:51.4092
94Meehir Bhalla11Thomas S. Wootton High School17:51.6093
95John (Nik) Rowlands11Hayfield Secondary School17:53.0094
96Sam Lebahn12Westfield17:53.0095
97Abdi Hassan11W.T. Woodson17:55.0096
98Andy Beckham12Gonzaga College High School17:55.4097
99Matt O'Donnell11West Springfield17:56.2098
100Lucas Fernandez11Clarksburg High School17:56.499