Which Leads To A Better 4x4: Team Depth at 300m or 500m?

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Boys' 300m Depth 

To make this information as accurate as possible we will only look at 2009 and later performances for this analysis. That means we will be looking at VA #3, VA #5, VA #7, and VA #10 all-time. 

Leading the way for all of these teams is Western Branch's 2009 squad at 3:19.50. They came within .28 seconds of the state record and sit at #3 all-time. That year they definitely had some depth and speed. Below you can see they ranked first amongst all VA teams that year for depth at the 300. 

1Western Branch High School (VA)112
1) Daniel Nix35.064
2) Javanti Sparrow35.3711
3) Jeff Artis-Gray35.4614
4) Jeffery Lewis37.2583
Average Time: 35.79 Total Time: 2:23.14 1-4 Split: 2.19
5) Cameron Cipcic37.4399
6) Keenan Sparrow37.51102
7) Walter Bowie37.58107

Albemarle on the other hand had nothing close to that depth when it came to the 300. Here are their averages and despite running a 3:20.18 (VA #10) they ranked 17th in 2009 for 300m depth. Their star runner, Jordan Hill would have ranked fourth on that Western Branch squad. 

17Albemarle (VA)554
1) Jordan Hill35.5417
2) Zachary Vrhovac36.6848
3) Tory Key38.49216
4) Bynon Conner38.93273
Average Time: 37.41 Total Time: 2:29.64 1-4 Split: 3.39
5) Josh Kidd39.08301
6) Joel Okaah39.65404
7) Mark Baucom39.70416

Up next is another outlier for the 300 and that is with Westfield's 2013 VA #5 3:19.69 performance. That performance is so fast that T.C. Williams did not even eclipse that mark with both Lyles brothers. Here is their average for the 300 that year. The #1 team that year was a Mustaqeem Williams led Forest Park squad and was followed by Western Branch who did go on to run VA #21 all-time that year for 4x4. 

20Westfield (VA)621
1) Nathan Kiley35.6118
2) Kahlil Shepard37.0585
3) Tyler Thrasher-Walker37.77161
4) Alex Moses39.03357
Average Time: 37.37 Total Time: 2:29.46 1-4 Split: 3.42
5) Alex Humphrey39.30409
6) Geson Chong40.99655
7) Lorenzo Allensworth41.64732

Finally we look at T.C. Williams' 2015 squad. This squad not only had one but actually two guys under 34.11! That meant a very quick team average of 35.24 to lead the state that year. Number two was Western Branch who went VA #14 all-time. This Titans squad went 3:19.71 for VA #7 all-time in 2015. Their depth at 300m improved to a 34.84 in 2016 but they did not run a loaded 4x400. 

1T.C. Williams High School (VA)140
1) Noah Lyles33.321
2) Josephus Lyles34.103
3) Mahlique Booth36.7162
4) Quib36.8474
Average Time: 35.24 Total Time: 2:20.97 1-4 Split: 3.52
5) Thomas Huston36.8475
6) Isaih Clarke38.44269
7) BrianMichael Byrd39.74484