VISAA State Championships Virtual Meets by Division

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Division 1 Boys

Boys D1 Team Scores

1Fork Union123.5
2Saint Christopher`s93.5
3St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School80
4Norfolk Academy74
5Woodberry Forest54.5
6Paul VI Catholic35.5
7The Potomac School33.5
9Bishop O'Connell29.5
10Bishop Sullivan28
12Trinity Episcopal School22
13Blue Ridge School18
15Flint Hill School9
16Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School6
17St. Anne's-Belfield School1

Boys' D1 Virtual Meet:

100 Meter Dash

1Frank Royal2019Saint Christopher`s10.63 10
2Ebruba Etta2018Fork Union10.67 8
3Malcolm Johnson Jr.2021St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School10.76 6
4Donavan Goode2018Trinity Episcopal School10.79 5
5Sam Kamara2019Episcopal10.99 4
6Michael Asher2020Blue Ridge School11.00 3
7Daniel Reynolds2020Fork Union11.01 2
8Collin Stubbs2019Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School11.04 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Frank Royal2019Saint Christopher`s21.74 10
2Ebruba Etta2018Fork Union21.93 8
3Malcolm Johnson Jr.2021St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School21.96 6
4Curtis Borden2019St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School22.24 5
5Sam Kamara2019Episcopal22.40 4
6Donavan Goode2018Trinity Episcopal School22.47 3
7Jordan Walker2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School22.53 2
8Daniel Reynolds2020Fork Union22.62 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Brian Gilday2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School49.05 10
2Ebruba Etta2018Fork Union49.40 8
3Austin Rucker2019The Potomac School50.21 6
4John Colizzi2020Benedictine50.49 5
5Matthew Gelin2019The Potomac School50.60 4
6Aidan McCarthy2018Paul VI Catholic50.69 2.5
6Caleb Wooten2019The Potomac School50.69 2.5
8Logan Justice2018Fork Union50.72 1
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800 Meter Run

1Ian Smith2020Saint Christopher`s1:55.76 10
2Aidan McCarthy2018Paul VI Catholic1:56.40 8
3Bascombe Traywick2018Norfolk Academy1:58.94 6
4Liam Bellamy2020Collegiate2:01.01 5
5Alex Nevarez2019Norfolk Academy2:01.79 4
6Patrick McHale2018Paul VI Catholic2:02.12 3
7Henry Valentine2020Saint Christopher`s2:02.54 2
8Hewson Duffy2020St. Anne's-Belfield School2:02.70 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Max Greczyn2019Bishop O'Connell4:25.50 10
2Riley Fletcher2019Woodberry Forest4:26.39 8
3Bascombe Traywick2018Norfolk Academy4:27.13 6
4Julian Yescas2018Fork Union4:27.73 5
5John Moxley2018Flint Hill School4:33.66 4
6Max Galbraith2018Trinity Episcopal School4:35.02 3
7Matthew Smith2021Paul VI Catholic4:35.25 2
8Jimmy Peccie2018Norfolk Academy4:36.40 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Max Greczyn2019Bishop O'Connell9:28.73 10
2Max Galbraith2018Trinity Episcopal School9:42.50 8
3Julian Yescas2018Fork Union9:45.58 6
4Miles Mullins2021Saint Christopher`s9:48.95 5
5Riley Fletcher2019Woodberry Forest9:51.42 4
6Nick Buckner2018Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School9:59.77 3
7John Moxley2018Flint Hill School10:02.27 2
8Tre Simmons2020Episcopal10:10.80 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Reynold Walbrook2018Fork Union14.71 10
2Eamon Cooney2018Bishop Sullivan14.95 8
3Litchfield Ajavon2019Episcopal15.07 6
4Harrison Duncan2019Fork Union15.44 5
5Elby Omohundro2019Saint Christopher`s15.66 4
6Cameron Lloyd2019Norfolk Academy15.82 3
7Jayden Smith2021Saint Christopher`s16.02 2
8Mihir Damle2019Norfolk Academy16.03 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Eamon Cooney2018Bishop Sullivan38.16 10
2Reynold Walbrook2018Fork Union38.84 8
3Cameron Lloyd2019Norfolk Academy40.62 6
4Harrison Duncan2019Fork Union41.16 5
5Mihir Damle2019Norfolk Academy41.62 4
6Logan Hingst2018Saint Christopher`s42.43 3
7Ryen Duren2019Paul VI Catholic43.17 2
8Souley Sylla2018Blue Ridge School43.61 1
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400 Meter Hurdles

1Eamon Cooney2018Bishop Sullivan56.37 10
2Jens Islev-Petersen2021Norfolk Academy1:09.37 8
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4x100 Meter Relay

1St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School42.14 10
2Fork Union42.45 8
3Episcopal42.86 6
4Norfolk Academy44.15 4.5
4Saint Christopher`s44.15 4.5
6Trinity Episcopal School44.26 3
7Blue Ridge School44.50 2
8Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School44.57 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Paul VI Catholic3:24.74 10
2Fork Union3:25.20 8
3The Potomac School3:25.76 6
4St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School3:27.76 5
5Norfolk Academy3:29.15 4
6Episcopal3:30.28 3
7Saint Christopher`s3:30.72 2
8Woodberry Forest3:36.00 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Norfolk Academy8:00.78 10
2Paul VI Catholic8:04.88 8
3Collegiate8:18.59 6
4Saint Christopher`s8:18.85 5
5Episcopal8:19.78 4
6Flint Hill School8:34.16 3
7The Potomac School8:36.45 2
8Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School8:38.23 1
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Triple Jump

1Elby Omohundro2019Saint Christopher`s46-3 10
2Will Stupalsky2019Fork Union45-5 8
3Harrison Duncan2019Fork Union45-1 6
4John Colizzi2020Benedictine44-6 5
5Dequece Carter2019Woodberry Forest43-5 4
6Rj Ross2019Woodberry Forest43-1.5 3
7Baron Becker2018Woodberry Forest42-10 2
8Devin Wright2018Bishop O'Connell41-10 0.5
8Tifeoluwa Akintan2020Fork Union41-10 0.5
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Long Jump

1Frank Royal2019Saint Christopher`s24-4.25 10
2Jordan Walker2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School24-1 8
3Devin Wright2018Bishop O'Connell22-1 6
4Darius McGhee2018Blue Ridge School21-7.5 5
5Christian Borden2021St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School21-6.25 4
6Reed Voeks2018The Potomac School21-4 3
7Max Johns2018Woodberry Forest21-3.75 2
8Tifeoluwa Akintan2020Fork Union21-2.75 1
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High Jump

1Max Johns2018Woodberry Forest6-4 10
2Baron Becker2018Woodberry Forest6-2 7
2Darius McGhee2018Blue Ridge School6-2 7
4Christian Sherod2018Saint Christopher`s6-0 3
4Harrison Rice2018Saint Christopher`s6-0 3
4Jordan Walker2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School6-0 3
4Nathan Disbrow2018Fork Union6-0 3
4Ryan Hunt2019Fork Union6-0 3
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Pole Vault

1Harrison Rice2018Saint Christopher`s16-3 10
2Kyle Kauffman2018Woodberry Forest15-3 8
3Will Stupalsky2019Fork Union14-6 6
4Drew Philhower2020Benedictine12-6 4.5
4Jeb Brinkley2018Woodberry Forest12-6 4.5
6John Philip Mintz2020Collegiate11-0 2.5
6Justin Zahn2018Norfolk Academy11-0 2.5
8Cameron Lloyd2019Norfolk Academy10-6 1
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1Joey Colon2018The Potomac School135-6.75 10
2Will Stupalsky2019Fork Union133-11 8
3Zach Minor2018Norfolk Academy127-2 6
4Nathan Disbrow2018Fork Union126-7 5
5Thomas Graeber2018Collegiate125-6 4
6Lorenzo Thompson2019Norfolk Academy122-7 3
7Evan Clark2018Collegiate118-10 2
8Jack Barnes2020Woodberry Forest117-7 1
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Shot Put

1Julian Lemmond2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School46-6 10
2Kitchy Hyman2021Collegiate46-2.5 8
3Naj Johnson2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School45-6 5.5
3Thomas Majure2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School45-6 5.5
5Zach Minor2018Norfolk Academy43-9 4
6Isaiah Procter2019Bishop O'Connell43-1 3
7Thomas Graeber2018Collegiate42-6 2
8Somers Wilton2018Collegiate42-3.75 1