Cedar Run Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships

Manassas, VA
Hosted by Osbourn Park

Meet Information

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Where: Osbourn Park High School, 8909 Euclid Ave. Manassas, VA

When: Wednesday, May 17 @ Osbourn Park
Field Events, 4x800's, 100/110H, and 100m Dash Trials

Thursday, May 18, 2017 @ Osbourn Park

Meet Administration:
Meet Director & Meet Referee: Mike Feldman
Starter: Jerry Clemente
Clerk: Mike Schuster
Finish Lynx: Adam Daniels
Hy-Tek: Taylor Oakley
Jury of Appeals Adam Daniels, Paul Mobley, Deon Taylor, Jarrette Marley, Lauren Rose, Mike Schuster

Entries All entries will be done on Milestat. All entries are due by SUNDAY, May 14th at 11:59PM. Please be sure your rosters are updated and complete, this includes grades. Each team will get 3 entries per event and 1 relay team. If you have additional entries, you may enter them, provided EVERY athlete has achieved the District Standard. Upon entry, you are certifying your entries as you enter them, please be careful. All NON-VERIFIED performances will be deleted and not allowed to race. I will email each team out there entries on Monday and each coach must verify their entries by noon, Monday. Monday night, I will send out the performance list and the meet program on Tuesday morning. ENTRY PASSWORD IS CRC17. ENTRY IS OPEN. Coaching Boxes will be designated. 2017 NFHS RULES IN EFFECT.

**Also, remember the participation rule; every athlete entered in the conference meet, must have competed in 50% of the conference weekday meets during the 2017 Outdoor season.

Seeding . Sections will go slow to fast with the maximum of 6 runners seeded in the fastest section for lane races 200m and above. In the trial straightaway races, the top 6 advance on time. In races 800m and above, preferred line positions will be seeded outside in.

Scratches and Substitutes After the deadline, there will be no additions or substitutions. You will only be permitted to scratch. The Declaration Rule allows you to scratch any event and you will not be penalized. You may not enter another event if you scratch the event. If you have any questions regarding the declaration rule, please contact Mike Feldman

Check-In Athletes will check in at the table prior to entering the track area. All athletes must remain outside of the track during Wednesdays races. We will only allow athletes with hip number on the inside of the track. Athletes must be legal at check-in. No Electronic Devices in the competition area.

Scoring Per NFHS Rule 2.2: 10-8-6-4-2-1 (Individual); 10-8-6-4-2 (Relays)

Regional Advancement May 25-26 at Robinson High School. Top 6 plus performance qualifiers. All regional entries will be done on milestat. Remember that those advancing to regionals must use a 6A North or 6A State qualifying performance in a 5 team meet (FAT'ed) or the Conference Championship meet performance.

Uniform Rule The uniform rule will be in effect. Concessions Concessions will be available.

Admissions - $7.00 per person. Athletes with uniform tops on will be free to come and go to warm-up

Field Event Assignments Each team is responsible for 1 coach at each event.

High Jump Patriot
Boys Long Jump/Triple Jump Stonewall Jackson
Girls Long Jump/Triple Jump Osbourn
Shot Put Patriot
Pole Vault Osbourn Park
Discus - Battlefield

In the Field on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 @ Osbourn Park

3:45pm Coaches Meeting

4:00pm Vertical Jumps
G-HJ Adv. 2 until 5-05.00 then 1"
B-HJ Adv. 2" until 6-02.00 then 1

PV Adv. 6 until 11-00.00/ 14-00.00
Wednesday May 17th Girls Pole Vault Opening HT: 6-06.00

Girls High Jump Opening HT: 4-05.00 Adv. 2 until 5-05.00)
Followed by Boys High Jump 5-05.00

Horizontal Jumps
Boys Long Jump Followed by Boys Triple Jump
Girls Long Jump Followed by Girls Triple Jump

Throws: (3) Attempts in the Trials, Top 7 advance to the Final for (3) more attempts

Girls Shot Followed by Boys Shot
Boys Discus Followed by Girls Discus

Wednesday May 17th On the Track @ Osbourn Park

4:30pm Boys 100m Trials Top 6 advance on time
4:45pm Girls 100m Trials Top 6 advance on time
5:00pm Boys 110mHH Trials Top 6 advance on time
5:15pm Girls 100mH Trial Top 6 advance on time

5:30pm Girls 4x800 Meter Relay FINAL
5:45pm Boys 4x800 Meter Relay FINAL
Thursday, May 18th @ Osbourn Park

4:00pm Coaches Meeting at the Finish Line


4:30pm 100 Meter H Girls
Boys Pole Vault Opening HT: 8-00.00

4:40pm 110 Meter HH Boys

4:55pm 100 Meter Dash Girls
5:05pm 100 Meter Dash Boys

5:15pm 1600 Meter Run Girls
5:35pm 1600 Meter Run Boys

6:00pm 4x100 Meter Relay Girls
6:05pm 4x100 Meter Relay Boys

6:15pm 400 Meter Dash Girls
7:25pm 400 Meter Dash Boys

6:40pm 300 Meter Hurdles Girls
6:55pm 300 Meter Hurdles Boys

7:05pm 800 Meter Run Girls
7:15pm 800 Meter Run Boys

7:30pm 200 Meter Dash Girls
7:45pm 200 Meter Dash Boys

7:50pm 3200 Meter Run Girls
8:05pm 3200 Meter Run Boys

8:20pm 4x400 Meter Relay Girls
8:30pm 4x400 Meter Relay Boys