adidas Elite Track Classic presented by Roadrunner

April 29, 2011 - April 30, 2011 @ Sports Backers Stadium in Richmond, VA

Hosted by Clover Hill    

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Golden vs. Lott produces state's top 2 times in 100 hurdles McFadden breezes through Richmond with swift 14.16 performance in 110 hurdles ...
Cosby's girls won two of three relays Friday night, finished third in another and opened Saturday with Megan Moye's 3,200-meter win to capture the overall team...
Final instructions and information for coaches and athletes for this weekend's Elite Track Classic.
Preliminary performance list for the 2011 Elite Track Classic as of Friday, April 22nd at 2:40 PM. Current meet entries include 84 schools and 1,231...
In only two years of existence, the Elite Track Classic has quickly become one of the Virginia’s largest high school outdoor track & field meets...

Additional Information

Check out last year's highlights video!

2011 adidas Elite Track Classic presented by Roadrunner Running Store

Athletes or coaches on their behalf in running events must check-in 75 minutes prior to start of their event*. (YOU CAN CHECK IN EARLY AS POSSIBLE i.e. CHECK-IN AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE AT FACILITY) Otherwise will considered as a no-show and will be scratched from the event. Put a check by your name at check-in tent to declare yourself as competing in the event. Put a line through your name if scratching from event. Check-in sheets will be pulled one hour before event and re-seeded to condense heats and re-assignment lane assignments/hip #'s. Athletes then will need to report back to the clerking table approximately 30 minutes before their race for hip #'s and section/lane assignments.

* Above check-in policy does not apply to Friday's developmental races, field events, or Saturday morning 3200s. Friday relays and all other Saturday running events (except for the 3200 runners) need to follow the above check-in proceed to insure they will not be considered a no show and scratched out of the event. However, athletes in friday developmental races and Saturday morning 3200 runners simply need to report to the clerking area/tent (located just outside of 100 dash starting line) roughly 30 minutes before their event for section assignments and hip #'s.

*NEW DEVELOPMENTAL 1600/200* - On Friday prior to the relays, we will be running a developmental division 1600 and 200 meter races which are geared for any athletes who were unable to meet the qualifying standards for Saturday's races as well as 8th and 9th graders on your team. You can enter 8th and 9th graders who are faster than the regular meet standards in the developmental race (8th graders cannot compete in the varsity events on Saturday), but no 10th through 12th place graders who faster than the times below.

Boys 1600 - 5:00
Girls 1600 - 6:10
Boys 200 - 24.50
Girls 200 - 29.00

Timing: All events will have (F.A.T) Fully Automatic Timing and there will be wind gauge readings for the long jump, triple jump, 100/110H, 100m, and 200m events.

Sanction: Meet will be sanctioned by the state association VHSL as well as for border states North Carolina, Tennessee, and District of Columbia. Meet will not be sanctioned for Maryland public schools teams as we want to allow category 3 private schools from Virginia to compete in this meet. Maryland private schools can compete though.

Entry Limits: Teams can enter as many individuals in an event and "B" relay in an event as long as they have met the entry qualifying standards. See below standards.

All performances must be verified via the online entry system. If there is a performance not in the database contact meet management directly via email or phone to verify those performances with official results.

We want to run a meet which caters to each attending team's strength and depth. Example: If you have 6 girls who run under 6 minutes in the 1600, but most meets you are only allowed to put 2 or 3 of those girls in the 1600, we want to be the meet that you can get those 6 girls into the meet. That same team might have only one or no athletes who would be competitive in another event such as the hurdles, while another squad might have 6 hurdlers able to meet the standard, but few distance runners.

Event Max Capacity: Many events will fill to their max capacity of total entries allowed and we will not allow any additional entries once this max limit has been reached, so it would be encouraged to enter athletes now and early to prevent yourself from being shut out of entering athletes from any event. We aim to be the largest high school outdoor T&F invitational in the state of Virginia, but we aiso do not want to run a marathon track meet on Saturday with a meet going from 8:30 AM to late night. We aim to have a finish time in around 5 PM due to expected growth from last year's meet, so that is why we have the max # of total entries per event to make the meet manageable. We will have an excellent timing crew, clerks, officials, and helpers to insure this meet is efficiently run. See max totals below.

Event Max Totals
Individual Running Events - 120 total entrants
Field Events - 60 total entrants

Online Entry System: Meet entries will be done online through the MileSplit registration system. Coaches need to claim themselves as team admins on their team pages on the MileSplit network in order to have access to do their entries. All entries must be done online. No exceptions! Direct link to online entries is below:

Entry System Overrides: If for some reason your athlete or relay's best performance is not generated the entry system's database, you can override and manual input their actual best performance. Individual athletes can be seeded based off their all-time best, while relays can only be seeded by their best performances from either the 2011 outdoor season or 2010-2011 indoor season. Please note the meet and date of the performance in the Note section next to your seed for verification purposes.

Entry Fee: $6 per athlete per individual event. $15 per relay. A max of $400 per school. Checks made payable to Entry fees can be mailed to 3511 Quail Hill Ct, Midlothian, VA 23112

Entry Deadline: Entries will close online at midnight on Monday, April 25th.

Seeding: Seeding will be based on athlete's all-time best performances. Performances could come from meets held last year or this year's indoor season as well as the current outdoor season. Relay seeding will be based off this year's best time as 2010-2011 indoor times can be used for the 4x400 or 4x800.

Awards: Top 6 individuals in each event will receive awards. Members of the top 3 relays will receive awards. Top 3 teams will receive awards. There will be an awards tent for athletes and coaches to pick up their medals.

Coach's Meals: All teams who bring at least 12 athletes (dozen) to the meet will be given a meal ticket for a free lunch. Teams with more than 24 athletes (2 dozen) will receive two meal tickets and teams with 36 athletes (3 dozen) will receive three meal tickets. We want to thank coaches who bring numbers to our event.

Discounted Entry Fee: We will be trying to assemble a great group of local certified officials for the event, but can always use more help from coaches to help run off a smooth meet. Inquire to meet management about helping out with the event and we can discount your team's entry fee as much as 50% off for working the meet.

Admission Fee: There will be a $3 admission fee for all spectators for Friday's events and $5 admission fee for all spectators for Saturday's events. Children under 12 are free. Athletes will be given competitor #'s to wear as their passes to re-enter the stadium if leaving for warm-ups, etc. Spectators can only enter through the main entrance behind the homestretch stands and cannot enter through the gate specifically for athletes, coaches, and officials behind the 100 meter start area.

Packet Pick-up: Coaches can pick up packets at coaches/athlete pass gate entrance along the second turn on and behind the 100 meter start area on Saturday at Sports Backers Stadium.

Scratches: Scratches can be made throughout Saturday's events up until 1 1/2 hours before event scheduled to start. There will be a table with the performance list posted of entrants by event at the clerks tent, which is just beyond the starting line area for the 100 meter dash and 100/110 hurdles outside of the track fence. We will reseed based off of these scratches at this point to insure we have filled sections of events especially for lane races. If unable to make it in time for the scratch period, you will need to contact meet management with your scratches by Friday evening prior to the meet.

Lane Preference: For distance events with waterfall starts, we will seed best to worst from outside to inside lanes.

Heat/Flight Order: Running events and field event flights will go from slowest to fastest/worst to best with the exception of the 3200 meter races on Saturday morning which will begin with the seeded section of the girls followed by the seeded section of the boys then all of the unseeded sections of girls then all of the unseeded sections of boys.

Blocks in 400/300H: Blocks will only be allowed in the top 3 sections (top 24 seeds) of the boys and girls 400 meter dash and 300 meter hurdles. All other sections will compete without blocks.

Attempts in Field Events: Athletes in each preliminary flight of the long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus will be given three attempts. The top 9 overall from all flights will then advance onto the finals with 3 more attempts. Top 8 score and top 6 medal.

Minimum Marks in Field Events: All field events athletes in the long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus will have their first legal mark measured. All remaining legal attempts must meet the below minimum marks in order to be measured.

Girls Long Jump - 14'0"
Boys Long Jump - 19'0"
Girls Triple Jump - 30'0"
Boys Triple Jump - 38'0"
Girls Shot Put - 27'0"
Boys Shot Put - 37'0"
Girls Discus - 75'0"
Boys Discus - 110'0"

Starting Heights in Field Events:
Girls High Jump - 4'4"
Boys High Jump - 5'4"
Girls Pole Vault - 7'0"
Boys Pole Vault - 9'0"

Relay Cards: Relays will be required to turn in relay cards in correct order at check-in for their relay events. Relay cards will be in each team's packets.

Check-in Procedure: A two-step process. FIRST STEP -Athletes and coaches must first put a check by their name on the scratch table. Line through their name if scratching from event. If they do not put a check by their name or relay then they will be scratched from the event when the sheet is pulled 1 1/2 hours before the event is scheduled to start for reseeding.

Please do your check-in or scratches as soon as you can on meet day! Coaches if you have any late meet day scratches (EX: meet-day injury or decide to shut down athlete for day) Please visit the scratch table to strike out that athlete from their remaining events.

SECOND STEP - There will be a first call 30 minutes prior to the event and final call 15 minutes prior to the event, which athletes need to report for heat and lane assignment from the clerk as well as receive their hip numbers. HIP NUMBERS GO ON LEFT HIP!

At Sports Backers Stadium, the check-in area will be directly behind the 100 meter starting area outside of the track fence. No warm-ups will be allowed in the infield area of the facilities. Athletes not currently competing in a field event will disqualified if found in the infield area.

Infield Access: No coaches or athletes will be permitted on the infield area on Friday or Saturday at Sports Backers Stadium and will be grounds for disqualification. We will strictly enforce this on Saturday at Sports Backers Stadium as VCU wants to protect their grass infield area for other events. No electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, CD/MP players, etc) are allowed in the competition area. This rule is in place for your and others safety.

T-Shirts & Concession: Both T-shirts and concession stand vendors will be on-site to sell meet apparel and food.

Directions to Sports Backers Stadium:

1.Take Exit #78
2.Make a right onto the Boulevard
3..The Sports Backers Stadium entrance is on the left just after the stop light and the entrance to the Diamond. Sports Backers Stadium is 100 yards straight ahead.

1.Take Exit #78 and make a left at the bottom of the exit ramp.
2.Take a right at the first traffic light onto Robin Hood Road
3.Take a left at the next traffic light onto the Boulevard
4. The Sports Backers Stadium entrance is on the left just after the stop light and the entrance to the Diamond. Sports Backers Stadium is 100 yards straight ahead.

Meet Standards

Each team is allowed one relay and one individual entry as long as they have met the single entry qualifying standards. Teams can enter as many individuals in an event and "B" relay as long as they have met the qualifying standards. See below standards.

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay - 11:45.00

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay - 9:15.00

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay - 57.00

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay - 48.00

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay - 4:40.00

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay - 3:50.00

Girls 100 Meter Dash - 14.24

Boys 100 Meter Dash - 12.24

Girls 200 Meter Dash - 29.50

Boys 200 Meter Dash - 25.00

Girls 400 Meter Dash - 1:09.00

Boys 400 Meter Dash - 56.00

Girls 800 Meter Run - 2:45.00

Boys 800 Meter Run - 2:15.00

Girls 1600 Meter Run - 6:15.00

Boys 1600 Meter Run - 5:00.00

Girls 3200 Meter Run - 14:00.00

Boys 3200 Meter Run - 11:30.00

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles - 20.94

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles - 19.84

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles - 59.14

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles - 49.14

Girls Pole Vault - 7'6"

Boys Pole Vault - 9'6"

Girls High Jump - 4'6"

Boys High Jump - 5'6"

Girls Long Jump - 14'0"

Boys Long Jump - 19'0"

Girls Triple Jump - 30'0"

Boys Triple Jump - 38'0"

Girls Shot Put - 27'0"

Boys Shot Put - 37'0"

Girls Discus - 75'0"

Boys Discus - 110'0"


* The below time schedule is only a estimated guideline as we will be on a rolling schedule.

* We will run ahead of schedule if possible.

* We will shorten or abandon lunch break on Saturday if we get too far behind schedule.

Friday, April 29th @ Sports Backers Stadium

Friday Field Events - Start at 5:00 PM
Girls Long Jump
Boys Long Jump
Girls Discus (followed by Boys Discus)

Friday Running Events - Start at 5:00 pm

Friday, April 29th

5:00 PM Developmental Girls 1600 - 1 Section (14 Athletes)
5:10 PM Developmental Boys 1600 - 2 Sections (23 Athletes)
5:25 PM Developmental Girls 200 - 3 Sections (20 Athletes)
5:35 PM Developmental Boys 200 - 3 Sections (18 Athletes)
6:15 PM Girls 4x800 Meter Relay - 2 Sections (26 Relays)
6:45 PM Boys 4x800 Meter Relay - 2 Sections (34 Relays)
7:10 PM Girls 4x100 Meter Relay - 5 Sections (33 Relays)
7:25 PM Boys 4x100 Meter Relay - 6 Sections (41 Relays)
7:45 PM Girls 4x400 Meter Relay - 4 Sections (30 Relays)
8:10 PM Boys 4x400 Meter Relay - 5 Sections (34 Relays)
8:35 PM Estimated Finish

Saturday, April 30th @ Sports Backers Stadium
Individual Events Only!

Saturday Field Events
Begin at 9:00 AM

Girls Shot Put (followed by Boys Shot Put)
Girls High Jump (followed by Boys High Jump)
Boys Pole Vault (followed by Girls Pole Vault)
Girls Triple Jump
Boys Triple Jump

Saturday Running Events
Begin at 8:30 AM
Sections on Time - Slow to Fast - Except 3200 Run

8:30 AM Girls 3200 Meter Run (Seeded)
1 Section (22 Athletes)

8:45 AM Boys 3200 Meter Run (Seeded)
1 Section (23 Athletes)

8:55 AM Girls 3200 Meter Run (Unseeded)
3 Sections (59 Athletes)

9:40 AM Boys 3200 Meter Run (Unseeded)
4 Sections (96 Athletes)

10:30 AM Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
10 Sections (75 Athletes)

11:00 AM Boys 110 Meter Hurdles
10 Sections (73 Athletes)

11:25 AM Girls 100 Meter Dash
13 Sections (99 Athletes)

11:50 AM Boys 100 Meter Dash
14 Sections (111 Athletes)

12:20 PM Girls 1600 Meter Run
6 Sections (112 Athletes)

1:05 PM Boys 1600 Meter Run
9 Sections (171 Athletes)

2:00 PM Girls 400 Meter Dash
14 Sections (110 Athletes)

2:40 PM Boys 400 Meter Dash
12 Sections (95 Athletes)

3:20 PM Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
12 Sections (94 Athletes)

3:50 PM Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
12 Sections (95 Athletes)

4:20 PM Girls 800 Meter Run
7 Sections (113 Athletes)

4:50 PM Boys 800 Meter Run
8 Sections (131 Athletes)

5:20 PM Girls 200 Meter Dash
15 Sections (116 Athletes)

5:55 PM Boys 200 Meter Dash
14 Sections (109 Athletes)

6:25 PM Girls 2K Steeplechase
1 Section

6:30 Team Awards (Top 3 Team Trophy Presentation)

6:35 PM Boys 2K Steeplechase
1 Section