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First off let me say I am very excited to be here and to be taking on this challenge! I look forward to working with each and every stakeholder and ultimately improving this already successful site. Please do not hesitate to reach out via direct messages or to my email njez@milesplit.com .

A little about me:
*2009 James River High School (Richmond)graduate
*2012 B.A. Cultural Anthropology
University of Kentucky (Lexington)
*2013 M.P.S Sport Industry Management
Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)

*8 time Penn Relay Carnival ticket holder (section NJ, row 8, we will be the ones holding up a USA flag
with noise makers... can't miss us.
*Huge social media integration fan (instagram, twitter...etc.)
*Best track memory = winning dominion district 4x400 title in indoor.

- Nolan

Discussion Posts

1 day ago Merging athlete profiles
@mcttj yes. Email - Njez@milesplit.com
1 day ago Milestat vs Third Battle
So not positive on Third Battle since I have never been up there either but I know the course is ...
7 days ago Contact
@Bryant_C_Adams01 Coach Marshall Ware is the contact for all of St. Chris' indoor meets.
9 days ago The VA Showcase 2019 AAU
@David_N They can run unattached. Just need to have AAU card.
1 month ago Why it's hard to pull a cross country program up from the bottom.
Keep fighting the good fight! Sometimes having a chip on your shoulders or the athletes' shoulder...
1 month ago Albert Dorner Girls C Race
@champ5559 Posted the results today just before 2pm
1 month ago Storms
@LNLeech They are going to make a decision tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday)
1 month ago Results
@sarafernandezpazos@gmail.com We reached out to meet management on Saturday about all of the resu...
1 month ago incorrect line items on invoice for Albert E. Dorner: Newport News Invitational Cross Country meet
@dlmitchell71 I will take a look at it right now. Email me (Nolan Jez) at Njez@milesplit.com if y...
2 months ago Registration entries.
@mattymath Send me an email please! ([url=http://Njez@MileSplit.com]http://Njez@MileSplit.com[/url])
2 months ago New VHSL Alignment
@Runnerhheaj can you please email me a link to the updated one. [url=http://Njezva@gmail.com]http...
3 months ago New ADM numbers are out and I'm playing around with them.
I bumped it back up to the front page. See new regions/class --> http://va.milesplit.com/arti...
3 months ago New ADM numbers are out and I'm playing around with them.
@thebenj We wrote an article about this last week. Midlo moving
4 months ago Hill City Meet 2018
Whenever we receive them. Have them email Njez@MileSplit.com
4 months ago RRR Summer Series Meet #2 Results
still looking for that illusive sub 4!!
4 months ago State meet venues
@cawitt That is a good question... I know others bid for it so my best guess would be Harrisonbur...
4 months ago Video Coverage 1A/2A
@rsullins We will not post something like that. Feel free to shoot me an email in the future thou...
4 months ago Video Coverage 1A/2A
@rsullins I understand your frustrations. Trust us, we worked up until the last minute to try and...
4 months ago Video Coverage 1A/2A
@rsullins We would have loved to have video coverage but we were only able to cover day one of co...
4 months ago VHSL Group 3A/4A State Outdoor T&F Championships 2018: 4A Pole Vault
@godwinxc2010 I heard it was being contested down in Lynchburg on Wednesday but that is all I hea...
4 months ago 3a/4a
@Traviskent Well complete results (minus pole vault) were posted minutes after the 4x4 yesterday...
5 months ago 3A/4A meet vs 1A/2A meet
@cawitt Hey! So I have always had issues with HHS hosting the state meet, yeah it is a really pre...
5 months ago VHSL State Meets Moved To Saturday
@rsullins Yea... I was thinking that too. Since we really weakened the standards in quite a few e...
5 months ago VHSL Group 3A/4A State Outdoor T&F Championships 2018
Meet Schedule --> http://va.milesplit.com/meets/306886/info#.Wv8QKBjMy7o
5 months ago VHSL Group 3A/4A State Outdoor T&F Championships 2018
4 Advance from regionals to states according to the VHSL. The 5A/6A State Meet Director sent ...
5 months ago 2018 36th T. C. Williams Invitational 2018
@stellyzamia We've reached out to Meet management about them. We want them just as bad as you do!
6 months ago Beach District Meet #2 at Kellam 2018
@Cassbro10 They are posted.
7 months ago Western Branch Head Coach Job Posting
Western Branch High School is seeking the next Head Track coach to carry on the Bruin Tradition...
7 months ago Nolan....4x1600
@Crytset I'm sorry but that race was not recorded. I was not only running out of memory space (en...
7 months ago Coaches who have had a foreign student move into the district?
@rsullins I've never heard of a foreign student having to "sit out". Where and what page did you ...
7 months ago Aren't the state standards usually out by now?
See the standards on the meet pages 1A/2A - http://va.milesplit.com/meets/306327/info#.WqBTsBiZO...
8 months ago State Boys Freshmen 300 meter hurdles record
@runphi10 Here are the records each grade. No official frosh record yet. Depends what they run to...
8 months ago 4x400 relays
@mashasvt Thanks! The issue with that was the live stream auto-uploads races and sometimes they g...
8 months ago 4x400 relays
@1515254756 Which meet? 5A and 6A were uploaded earlier.
8 months ago VHSL 1A/2A Indoor State Track & Field Championships 2018
I see plenty of events listed and many teams entered. You must be entered in a division first.
8 months ago 4A State Standards
@kshirk Updated now.
8 months ago 4A State Standards
@NOVAAC Which ones are incorrect? They could have changed some during the season. Let me know...
8 months ago 2018 Virginia Track Coaches Association Clinic
Every coach should be a member of this organization! Have an issue with the way regionals are ...
9 months ago 2018 Fred Hardy Indoor Track Invitational 2018
@rsullins But that is definitely indoors as a whole. Only a couple facilities in the state that h...
9 months ago 2018 Fred Hardy Indoor Track Invitational 2018
@Aub00 That meet was nothing but supportive of athletes and their performances. Not only did they...
Hey all, If there are any changes you need on the website or database the best way to exped...
9 months ago Photos on Site
@Crytset Send me an email - NJezva@gmail.com
9 months ago The VA Showcase 2018
@mjroth Nope, meet ran ahead of schedule. Results were being posted live.
9 months ago Liberty Premier Invitational 2018
Yes, the final schedule is correct and she is ready to run!
9 months ago Liberty Premier Invitational 2018
@rundancesing.flosports Send us an email - Njez@MileSplit.com detailing this issue so that we can...
9 months ago Liberty Premier Invitational 2018
@jbuchholz It is posted on the meet page.
10 months ago Nike Boo Williams Indoor Nationals 2018
@jamarley1 Actually I will agree and disagree with you coach on this one. Boo Williams resurfaces...
11 months ago Virginia Track Coaches Association - Membership
11 months ago Indoor Regional Meets
@cawitt Regional directors are supposed to take care of standards. Though this year is differe...
11 months ago VA Showcase
@frankrizzo Yea, last year they competed as well. It was a, I think like tier 2 sport or somethin...