Group A's Top Returnees for 2013 Outdoor Season

A list of the top returning individuals in each event among Group A schools from last year's outdoor season and links to full returnees rankings lists in each event. Northwestern recruit Hannah Rose of Wilson Memorial has won two state titles in cross country, but would like to finish with more than one state title in track with her 3200 meter state meet victory last June. Rose has the best returning 1600 meter time in Group A by 14 seconds with her 5:10 personal best, while her 10:50 best in the 3200 puts  her at a whopping time difference of over a minute and a half from closest competition currently in her classification. 


Top Group A Boys Returnees from 2012 Outdoor Season


Event Mark Athlete Team
1,600 Meter Run (444) 4:16.07 Walker Mogen VA Radford High School
100 Meter Dash (548) 10.93 Cody Cain VA Thomas Walker
110 Meter Hurdles (304) 15.33 Dontre Wilson VA Amelia County
200 Meter Dash (458) 21.74 Antwan Ferrell VA Dan River High School
3,200 Meter Run (310) 9:42.38 Anthony Wallis VA Strasburg
300 Meter Hurdles (306) 39.75 Justin Bauserman VA Central (Woodstock)
400 Meter Dash (419) 49.74 Logan Moore VA Riverheads
800 Meter Run (379) 1:58.13 Walker Mogen VA Radford High School
Discus (499) 181-1 Nikolas Huffman VA Virginia High School
Hammer Throw (1) 186-8 Nikolas Huffman VA Virginia High School
High Jump (288) 6-6 Tyler Scott VA Thomas Walker
Long Jump (556) 22-2.25 Tyler Vest VA Nelson County
One Mile Run (5) 4:17.56 Walker Mogen VA Radford High School
Shot Put (551) 58-8.5 Nikolas Huffman VA Virginia High School
Triple Jump (329) 47-9.25 Marques Adams VA William Campbell Combined School
Two Mile Run (2) 10:50.80 Nathan Galliher VA John S. Battle


Top Group A Girls Returnees from 2012 Outdoor Season


Event Mark Athlete Team
1,600 Meter Run (365) 5:10.27 Hannah Rose VA Wilson Memorial
100 Meter Dash (561) 12.07 Tori Mckenzie VA Chatham
100 Meter Hurdles (268) 15.42 Victoria Dumas VA Manassas Park
200 Meter Dash (495) 24.78 Tori Mckenzie VA Chatham
3,200 Meter Run (240) 10:50.63 Hannah Rose VA Wilson Memorial
300 Meter Hurdles (212) 45.37 Victoria Dumas VA Manassas Park
400 Meter Dash (400) 55.02 Jasmine Mitchell VA Amelia County
800 Meter Run (373) 2:21.92 Jasmine Mitchell VA Amelia County
Discus (501) 114-5 Ammie Levi VA Clarke County
High Jump (267) 5-4.5 Jasmine Mitchell VA Amelia County
Long Jump (476) 18-4 Jasmine Mitchell VA Amelia County
One Mile Run (2) 5:26.05 Mary Easton VA Lebanon
Shot Put (523) 36-0.5 Alexis Brown VA James River (Buchanan)
Triple Jump (329) 37-10.5 Nia Jones VA Northumberland
Two Mile Run (2) 10:54.43 Hannah Rose VA Wilson Memorial