VHSL State Indoor Championship Online Meet Entries

All five of the 2014 VHSL State Indoor Track & Field Championship meets will be using the MileStat.com online registration system for coaches to submit their final state meet entries. Each state meet has their own specific deadline times (all on Sunday, February 23rd) and meet instructions. All entries will be verified by the gatekeeper of Virginia high school track stats in yours truly Brandon Miles as well as the state meet directors and regional representatives before being released publicly by Monday.

Coaches: Do not even attempt to lie or falsify entries for our state's grandest and most sacred event in our state championships because:

1) No way one of sliding a suspicious entry by someone who has all the results and database of performances this season

2) The entry system shows who is verified and legit as well as who is unverified with big red flag on them.

Don't get exposed as a cheat to make yourself and your program look bad.

By default, the entry times and marks should automatically pop up the season best performances for your relays and individual qualifiers. For 99.9% of you, this should work perfectly for you and generate the seed time/mark that you are suppose to be entering for the state meet. Unlike outdoor, you may use your season best performance indoors for state meet seeding if an individual or relay advanced to the state meet by a top 6 place finish in the region even if that season best performance was not a state auto qualifier and achieved a meet prior to the conference and regional meets as long as it was VHSL sanctioned and meets the state criteria for minimum number of participating teams.

We will be prompt as possible after each regional meet is completed to have those performances in the database to be available to use for state meet entries, but recommend waiting approximately 2 hours after meet is completed to start your entries to insure those regional performances will pop up and generate as verified state meet seeds. To update your entry marks/times after improvements made at the regional meet, simply deselect then re-select that individual or relay entry and the new season best performance should pop up and click save or done editing to confirm the updated entry seed. So far this week, we have been processing the results and performances on-site at most of the regional meets before all teams have even left the venue.

If for whatever reason your athlete's or relay's season best performance is not popping up when you enter online, please contact me at milestat@gmail.com so we can find the reason that might happening.  Most likely scenario for individual is there may be a duplicate hidden profile of that athlete on your roster who is getting credit for that performance, which we can merge to make their season best performance then pop up in the entry system. Only In that case, are you allowed to manually override the auto generated seed performance, but must note the meet and/or reason in the note section of that entry. We will then correct and adjust to show as verified if proof of performance is there. Converted times from distances such as the mile can also be manually inputted using the boys 1600 & girls 1600 rankings list that includes the converted mile times to the distance. 

Below are the direct links for online entry for each state meet. 1 PM Sunday deadline for 1/2A, 5A, & 6A, while 3A & 4A have a later deadline of 3 PM on Sunday, February 23rd. Make sure that you select the correct classification and division for your team. Click on the check box for both genders when doing initial registration even if you are only the coach for one of the genders for each team. Make sure that you select all potential relay legs, so they are included on your meet roster as you will not be able to use any other athletes from your team on the relays if you do not include them as one of your possible 8 relay legs in the online entry. Make sure all athletes names are properly spelled and graduation years are correct through your team admin roster edit area on the website. Regardless of what you may have submitted on your paper state meet entry forms (if your region even collected entry forms), your online entry submission will be considered your final and primary declared state meet entries.

6A Coaches Enter Here (Deadline: Sunday, February 23rd at 1 PM)

5A Coaches Enter Here (Deadline: Sunday, February 23rd at 1 PM)

3A/4A Coaches Enter Here (Deadline Sunday, February 23rd at 3 PM)

1A/2A Coaches Enter Here (Deadline: Sunday, February 23rd at 1 PM)