Friday Focus: Alexis Clark, The Nation's Best Shot Putter

Unfortunately, it is not too often that people learn the name of a thrower. It usually takes some ridiculous mark for people start to notice, just think back to the Zajac brothers, Natalie Baird, or currently Zakiya Rashid. The point is, for the most part these athletes have to do something other-worldly to get some notice and that is exactly what Alexis Clark is doing.

Right now as we speak Alexis Clark, an 9th grader from James Monroe high school, sits at 7th in the state and US #100 as only a freshman. This mark is significant because she is the sole freshman to be ranked inside the top 100 in the country. She is also currently US #1 for freshman girls and very much on pace to be chasing records in the near future.

This past summer she completed the trifecta by winning national AAU club titles in the shot, discus, and javelin competitions. She is also a very talented multi-sport athlete who starts for the Varsity basketball team and was a member of the 2014 JV and Varsity football teams.

Though she has only gone 39-2 indoors, she has thrown as far as 43-8 outdoors and broken 40 feet an astounding four times. Check out her full profile to see more stats and follow her rise to throwing stardom.