Great (American) Questions That We Need Answering!

Is Lake Braddock Better then Blacksburg?

There is absolutely no love lost between these two rival programs. Lake Braddock's 2013 squad and Blacksburg's 2014 squad are some of the best ever. Midlothian and a couple other schools rank very highly as well. But last year's Blacksburg squad could take the cake for the best ever. They annihilated all in-state competition and won the Great American Carnival as well as their NX Regional.

The question though is, is Lake Braddock better? Blacksburg returned quite a lot of young talent but Lake Braddock returned much more! They are led by a complete superstar (Kate Murphy) and could be on the brink of history if they come into form as they should. This was going to to be our one chance to see these two teams line up against each other before NXR!