Drew Hunter Foot Locker National Champ! Pulls Off The Loudoun County Sweep!

History inevitably repeats itself but only 30 minutes later? That is surreal. As the sun rose this morning all seven Virginia competitors in the two races were a part of a 29 year gap from Virginia winning a Foot Locker title. That ended quickly with Kelati's win but even a 30 minute title drought for Virginia was too long as Andrew Hunter blew away the competition to win wire-to-wire just like his Loudoun County counterpart in 14:55! 

The race opened fast but 800m in Drew made a quick move around the turn and opened a lead. This isn't a completely new idea to create some distance between the field, especially for Drew, but the way he did it was surreal. 

Quickly he kept pushing the pace and just kept going! His lead was over 10 seconds by the mile and then 15 seconds halfway through. He hit the mile at 4:31 and just kept going. The announcers could not believe what they were seeing. 

Drew was not going to be stopped today. Despite there being 40 of the very best in the entire nation, his lead kept growing and grew to a monster 17 second lead at two miles when he went through in 9:25. Gannon Willcutts was Virginia's second runner through the two mile in 9th at 9:52 and Jonathan Lomogda was just behind him in 11th at roughly 9:54. 

"Quite Confidence is what we refer to it as, I just went with it and didn't turn around. Head down and keep plugging away." - Drew Hunter after the race. 

Drew just kept going and crossed the road just 10 seconds off of the meet record pace. He powered up the course and the crowd went wild. He was not only the best runner but also the biggest star our sport has had since last spring. 

Photo by: Travis Miller

Down the final stretch he went and through the line in 14:55 to run one of the fastest and most impressive races ever at Foot Locker Nationals. He is Virginia's first boy winner since Charles Alexander won the race in 1981! The race was run in Florida that year meaning this was Virginia's first male winner in San Diego history. 

"It is just surreal to finally win Foot Locker." - Hunter after the race

VA finishers: Andrew Hunter (1st) 14:55, Gannon Willcutts (14th) 15:32, Jonathan Lomogda (17th) 15:35, Waleed Suliman (29th) 15:51, Micah Pratt (39th) 16:42. 

Complete Results

M 5,000 Meter Run - Finals
1Hunter, Andrew12Loudoun Valley14:55.70--
2Rocha, Phillip12Arcadia High School (SS)15:07.90--
3Veatch, Ben12Carmel High School15:09.60--
4Bielaczyc, Garek12East HS15:14.70--
5Roberts, Paul12Lyons High School15:15.60--
6Jordan, Andrew12Watkins Memorial15:16.60--
7Lundy, Conor12Fordham Prep15:20.90--
8Brophy, Jake12Central Bucks East15:21.00--
9Hirsch, Seth11Millard West High School15:27.60--
10Vernau, Michael11Davis Senior High School (SJ)15:28.60--
11Gessner, Finn11Madison La Follette15:29.00--
12Scarsone, Dylan12Canyon Anaheim Hills (SS)15:29.10--
13Davis, Jon12Oakwood High School15:32.00--
14Willcutts, Gannon12Western Albemarle15:32.60--
15Affolder, Noah11Carthage15:33.00--
16Brown, Reed11Southlake Carroll15:33.90--
17Lomogda, Jonathan12Cox15:35.00--
18Van Der Els, Eric12Brien McMahon High School15:35.60--
19Altopp, Gabriel12Ridgefield High School15:39.90--
20Deokar, Viraj12Middlesex School15:40.50--
21Law, Brayden12Homestead High School15:43.10--
22Mestler, Jackson12Sheldon15:44.00--
23Harding, Isaac12Rockford15:44.60--
24Pereira, Matthew11Classical High School15:44.70--
25Janke, Justin12North Central High School15:45.20--
26Clark, Joshua12Highland Reg HS15:46.50--
27Van Scoter, Jack12Flintridge Prep (SS)15:46.60--
28Proctor, Tibebu11The Northwest School15:50.00--
29Suliman*, Waleed11Douglas Freeman15:51.60--
30Dragon, Joe12High Point Reg. HS15:55.50--
31Cross, Steven12Merritt Island HS15:55.90--
32Jacques, Joshua12Lyman HS15:58.70--
33Noble, Christian12Mt. Vernon High School (Fortville)16:00.20--
34Arnell, Connor12Lehi16:03.60--
35Grossman, Matt11Millburn HS16:06.80--
36Rocha, Marcelo11Peabody16:17.10--
37Hull, Talon11Weber16:20.20--
38Dowdy, Cole12South Oldham16:25.60--
39Pratt, Micah11Patriot Pacers16:42.90--