5A South Looks For The 5A State Sweep

93 seconds decided last year's hotly contested boys 5A team title and this year it could be an even smaller margin that decides the closest team battle of them all. Winning the title of course was Stone Bridge (78 points) who edged out close neighbors Thomas Jefferson S&T (84 points) and Tuscarora (92 points). 

Glen Allen, Douglas Freeman, and Menchville all also gave strong chase but it seems that this year it will be their time to shine. 

2015 MileStates XC Coverage & Results 

Leading the way into the preseason are the Rebels of Douglas Freeman who have Waleed Suliman at the helm. His 15:10 performance is the fastest returning time in the state of Virginia and likely just the tip of the iceberg for his talent. Though most will not be brave and say it now... he is a serious contender for every title this year, including the Foot Locker South title. 

He is going to be chased in this race by mile specialist Bashir Mosavel-Lo (Deep Run) and two mile specialist Saurav Velleleth (TJ). Both of these athletes will push Suliman but it looks like their battle will be more for points at this stage in the season. 

The 5A classification returns seven sub 16-minute guys which is the second most of any classification being only behind 4A. Three guys though have run 16:01.5 or faster too making this one of the deepest all-state preseason classifications. 

Top 25 Individuals (Full Virtual Meet)

1Waleed Suliman*11Douglas Freeman15:10.001
2Saurav Velleleth11Thomas Jefferson S&T15:29.002
3Bashir Mosavel-Lo11Deep Run15:42.163
4Ryan McCracken*10Douglas Freeman15:46.804
5Cameron Riedy11Hickory High School15:52.005
6Matthew Sapsara11Stone Bridge15:55.906
7Grant Davis11Patrick Henry (Ashland)15:56.007
8Joshua Spare11Princess Anne High School16:01.008
9Duke DiEugenio11Stafford High School16:01.509
10Patrick C Lynch11George C. Marshall16:01.6010
11Derek Johnson10Tuscarora High School (VA)16:04.0011
12Henrik Anderson10Mountain View16:06.0012
13Yared Mekonnen10Thomas Edison16:09.1013
14Austin Story*11Glen Allen High School16:09.7614
15Jack Ikenberry*10Lee-Davis16:12.0015
16Connor Moses *11Atlee16:14.0016
17Jeffrey Dunn11Menchville16:19.8017
18Terek Kirsch10Menchville16:20.9018
19Dylan Klapper10Thomas Jefferson S&T16:23.0019
20Kellen Reeves11Stafford High School16:26.3020
21Philip Lambert10Stafford High School16:27.2021
22Roy Stevenson*11Douglas Freeman16:27.7022
23Matt Chilton*11Mills Godwin16:28.3123
24Jeremiah Gaulding10Menchville16:30.424
25Joshua Shackelford9Gloucester High School16:3125

When it comes to team battles though this classification always finds a way to make things very exciting. In track it is always the 4x8s and in XC it is always this team battle. This season is going to be no different.

The early favorites like we said before are the Rebels of Freeman but they have some close company with Menchville very close behind. Glen Allen, TJ, Deep Run, Atlee, Stafford, and Tuscarora are also in the mix of things. 

The real sleeper of the group though is Glen Allen whose fifth runner (Dave Kaul) is slated to score a big 125 points. If he drops his best time from 18:08 (run at MileStat.com XC Invitational) down to 17:30 that brings the gap from 90 points to a manageable 40. After that though the points come a lot quicker with every 10 seconds of improvement equaling about 10 points. 

Unlike last year though, this year it seems that the 5A South meet will be the best predictor with the three teams squaring off prior to the state meet in what could be the VHSL's version of the NCAA's pre nationals. 

Virtual Team Scores - 53 Teams (Full Virtual Meet)

1Douglas Freeman14414225661--
3Glen Allen High School23514293132129--
4Tuscarora High School (VA)2711127698183--
5Deep Run273326708292--
6Thomas Jefferson S&T2782193799121--
8Stafford High School2829202154178--
9Mills Godwin31323283966157--
10L.C. Bird32236414962134--
11Thomas Edison34013475194135--
12Mountain View34612436595131--
13Hickory High School3565446788152--
14George C. Marshall359104078103128--