These Season Opening Story Lines Are The Real Deal


The Real Deal HS Classic always provides great insight into the season ahead. Here are some of the biggest questions and story lines for the season that will likely be answered this weekend at Boo Williams.


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Story Line #1

Will Jessica Tucker and Shadajah Ballard Equal Oluwole and Parks?

Two years ago Western Branch rose to unparalleled heights on the girls' team side. They rose to that height not only because of their depth and range of talent but because of two individuals in particular. Those two individuals who each were a part of 30 or more points at states were Funlayo Oluwole and Milan Parks. 

Though they were very strong last year with Faith Ross and Amanda Thomas leading the way, the question is can these two girls provide that next level push to make this team the greatest ever?

Shadajah is already ahead of Milan in all open sprint events. The only two events where she is behind is the hurdles and long jump. If she improves just enough though this season she could very well be scoring 30 points this indoor season. 

Her new teammate and former Great Bridge athlete, Jessica Tucker could be the ignition for this points grab. She is going to not only push Shadajah in practice but also at every meet. That is why Funlayo was so important to Milan. 

Though both were great in their own right, the thing that made both of them and their team legendary was working together against each other. 

That of course doesn't even begin to talk about their relay strength.