Counting Down Top 10 Returning Track Stars: #5 Dymier Jeffery

Track is literally just around the corner and will start up in just over a month. Over that time we are going to countdown 10 of the biggest stars returning this season. This list does not include XC athletes and only includes athletes who are track specific athletes. 

Counting Down The Top 10 Track Stars

#5 Dymier Jeffery

If you want to talk about athletes with high likelihoods of success this year then the next two words out of your mouth should be Dymier Jeffery. She enters this indoor season as US #1 amongst returners based on their overall pr's. 

Dymier is likely someone you haven't heard of but also will probably hear a lot about this season. High Jump is finicky like that. 

High jumpers, as in real high jumpers take a long time to develop. There are fifty different tweaks and fixes to everyones' approach, jump, landing, balance, and many other things. But when it is perfected... then you are talking about something special.

It seems that this past summer Dymier perfected it when she cleared 5-10.75 to win her second AAU National Title. This height ranks her 6th all-time in the state outdoors and that was also a state junior class record. 

If she comes even close to that height this year she is going to be taking home some serious hardware. That of course will be her main goal this season as she seeks to finally take home her first state title.