Paying The Ransom To See Ben Pole Vault Was Well Worth It

Chancellor's Ben Ransom had to wait until almost dark to seal the deal but that is exactly what he did in his final state competition. This goes along with his indoor title from earlier this year when he cleared 13-6 for the win. 

Ben Ransom's Athlete Profile

What was most impressive with his VA #26 all-time performance was how he got up so high in such a short time. In fact, last year at this time his personal best was 12-0. He went on to improve that mark to 13-6 indoors and then something just clicked. This outdoor season his four vaulting competitions went 14' - 14' - 14' 9" - 15' 3". That is a scary 15 inch improvement from May 16th until June 2nd... wrap your mind around that. 

Any college recruiting pole vaulters would seemingly be very lucky to land him as a recruit. Just be ready to pay a big ransom now that he is a two-time state champion.