When Young & Veteran Talent Meet: C.D. Hylton

Having young stars is great but what is even better is having strong seniors to lead by example while also having young talent. That is exactly the perfect storm C.D. Hylton has this season. It is the perfect storm of talent that scored 16 points at the state meet and even saw them finish an All-American 6th in the 4x200m relay.

Leading them as a senior is two-time All-State Rebecca Thompson. She is a 55 and 100m specialist who finished 3rd this indoor season in the very fast 6A state final. Having her lead the way is of the utmost importance for C.D.Hylton with young star Jada Pierre attempting to follow in her footsteps. 

Jada is only a freshman but has already run 7.17 and has jumped 18-5 in the long jump. She is definitely a name to follow as the 6A Northern regions become faster in the short sprints with the likes of Hannah Waller making big waves. 

Having young talent is one thing but having some veteran talent leading them is another. That perfect storm is hitting C.D. Hylton this year making for a huge outdoor track season but also building for some long term success.