Ryah Hinds Wins Sprint Triple Crown

Ryah Hinds of York did the impossible this past weekend, she won the triple crown! She joins a very short list of athletes to ever pull off this feat, and the first in at least three years. She started with the 100, followed it up with the 400, and closed the meet out with a win in the 200m dash as well. 

Ryah Hind's Athlete Profile 

Ryah isn't a senior though so this could be the first of two sprint sweeps. She joins Francena McCorory and Lauryn Ghee for winning this triple crown as a junior. Osbourn Park's Alexys Taylor won it as a senior four years ago. 

Ryah won the 100m dash in 12.09, the 200m dash in 24.44, and the 400m dash in 56.81. Those titles go along with her 55 and 300 titles from indoor track. 

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