Team VA's NBNO Hurdling Preview

The hurdles historically have been some of Virginia's best events at nationals. We might not have the national record holder every year but we certainly have quite a few All-Americans. That depth in a year like this where most athletes are headed to USATF's will bode very well for Virginia. 

The first hurdle event will be the high hurdles. Virginia has three guys in contention for this one, Nickolas Childs and Kurt Powdar, who are slated to run together in the first prelim and Daiqwuan Faircloth who is running in prelim three. 

They are joined by Kori Carter and Shadajah Ballard who are running next to each other in prelim five. 

Both of these events will advance eight athletes to the final and if they can make it to the final cleanly then we should be in store for a big set of finals. 

Next up will be the shuttle hurdle relay. Western Branch and Highland Springs both have strong teams on the guys' side while Western Branch brings a star-studded lineup for the girls. If they are to get a clean race you can expect the national record to be shattered. 

To close out competition we will see the 400mH with three guys and three girls competing. 

In the guys' competition you have Daiqwuan Faircloth, EJ Richardson, and Matthew Wilson all vying for the top spot in section two of three. The girls have Adriana Shockley and Kori Carter in the fast section and Khalilah Conway in the first section.