Javonte Harding: VA's Fastest Sprinter?

Javonte Harding running anchor on the Prince George 4x200m Relay

Defending 5A State 200m Champion Javonte Harding is quickly becoming one of the best sprinters in Virginia and the entire nation. 

Javonte Harding Athlete Profile

Prince George High School located just south of Richmond is a school that has made a name for itself these past few years by producing some of the best sprint relays in the entire nation. This year though they have more than just a fast 4x1 and 4x2, they also have one of the best sprinters in the entire state.

Javonte Harding is also one a hot-streak this past month. In just two weeks time in-fact he won the Class 5 55m title, won the Emerging Elite 60 at NBNI, and ran VA #1 - US #37 (21.78) out of lane one at New Balance Nationals in the 200. 

Javonte has a good start, otherwise he wouldn't win those big races, but also has top-end speed. That speed could mean some super fast times in the 100 and 200 meter dashes this June at the state meet. 

Though he will enter as the returner and favorite in the 200, he has the goal of winning both the 100 and 200 and helping his 4x1 place as well. With L.C. Bird, Nansemond River, and Potomac Senior in his classification those will all be tough. 

So tough in fact that you could make the argument that right now Class 5 has the fastest sprint core and that winning the title there could be the hardest in the state. In the 100 for example he will be battling with Jaden Payoute of LC Bird who won the event last year in 10.67. 

Harding finished a close second in 10.70 after having run 10.65 in the prelims. He came back though and took home the 200m title in 21.65 which was just off his 21.41 PR. 

Those times and his progressions indoors lead us to believe he is in store for some big improvements outdoors. The biggest of those could come in the 200 where he will try and become VA's 8th man under 21 seconds. Indoors for example he PR'd by .51 seconds year over year and did so in lane one. 

The real reason to bet on Javonte is because he is a fighter. He is the type of athlete who doesn't make excuses and gets things done. 

Javonte from a young age has not had discernible vision out of the side of his eyes. He himself has said this does make sprinting, especially indoors, more difficult. He however does not make any excuse for it. What he does is practice and perfect his craft. 

Often you will see him running with special made glasses with sport bands but later in the indoor season he opted for contact lenses. He notes that they make the world's difference and really do help. For him it has just become a part of his running. 

Javonte is fast, arguably the fastest in the state, but what really makes a case for him is the fact that he is only a junior! He could not only break 21 seconds in the 200 this year but he could also break 10.5 too. That combination would not only make him the fastest in VA but potentially also as one of the fastest in the US.