Three VA Athletes That Are Mid-Distance Stars

Theo Woods (E.C. Glass)

One of the purest mid-distance runners in the state is Theo Woods of E.C. Glass. It is of course no surprise that he also is a Georgetown commit, a school known for its mid-distance runners. He owns personal bests of 4:19 for the Mile, 1:52 for the 800, and 2:25 for the 1K. It is those events where he wins the most as well. 

Now Theo, being a mid-distance specialist, has run in many other events and is also quite good at them too. He has run 51.51 for the 400 and 15:33 for a 5K but those events are a rarity for him. 

Theo is also the two-time 1K state champion for Class 4 and currently sits at VA #3 all-time in that event as well. He ranks just outside of the all-time list in the 800 outdoors and will likely move up the all-time list in the 1600 outdoors as well too.