Quietly Syaira Richardson Has Risen To 6th In The World

2019 Season: The Best Move Yet

Photo: Texas A&M 12th Man

Sometimes moving on can move you forward. That was at least the hope when Syaira announced to her OSU coaches and subsequently the public that she would be moving to Texas and transferring to Texas A&M. 

Now under the tutelage of Coach Pat Henry she was going to once again be another cog in powerhouse program. You could not have a more perfect analogy than that of her own move from Smithfield to Nansemond River. 

Just a few months in and the improvements are visible. She is once again racing less but at much higher level. In just four races in fact she has ran four of her five best times ever and done so indoors. She has also improved her PR to 52.09 which now ranks her NCAA #2 and World #6 behind fellow S.E.C. runner Lynna Irby (Georgia). 

This weekend will be another matchup between these two at the NCAA Championships and if we know anything about Syaira it is that she doesn't like to los end that she saves the best for last. It happened in 2016 and 2017 where she lost to Britton and came back with vengeance. The same could be true this weekend and we are so excited to see what she runs. 

Syaira will also be running on Texas A&M's 4x4 which has one of the top seeds in the meet as well. She has been anchoring that relay this season.