Taylor Beard: VA #2 All-Time 5-11 in High Jump

NEW YORK, Ny. - John Handley senior Taylor Beard used all her attempts and not only finished an All-American 4th place but also cleared 5-11 to move her second all-time in Virginia. That mark moves her up from 7th all-time with her previous 5-9 best indoors. 

Her coach was quick to point out that 6-0 is coming soon. 

To achieve this height she had to work harder than any other girl in the competition. She cleared her final three heights on their third attempts. It was a large mix of stress and excitement for her, her family, and her coaches. 

Taylor also is a basketball star and actually barely trained or competed indoors. Outdoors though she is solely focusing on the high jump which should mean we are possibly in store for another six footer in VA.