Girls Class 6 State Meet Preview 10/1 Edition

Cross country is arguably the most exciting season of our sport but also the quickest. By the time the season is in full swing it is basically time for the post-season. That is the case yet again as the calendar is turned to October. Here we preview the Class 6 girls' state meet based on where things stand right now. 

Individually this race could be one of the toughest in the entire state this year. Up front is VA #2 Bethany Graham who has run 18:13, 17:39, 17:57, and 17:28 this season. She is definitely the favorite on paper but will definitely also have some tough competition. 

Leading the way for the chase pack is Julia Ghiselli and Lindsey Hester. Both of these athletes are in sub 18 shape and capable of running similar times at states. If Graham were to have a bad race then one of these girls could definitely make a move. 

Some other girls to watch are Amy Herrema of West Springfield, Hailey Yentz of Patriot, Aniya Mosley of Ocean Lakes, and Emilia Doran of Lake Braddock. All of these girls have shown us some good times and races this year and with more training under their belts could be much more of a threat come late November. 

While the individual battle is somewhat obvious, the team battle is not. At the start of October in fact it is just a three point difference between Lake Braddock and Kellam at the top. Both coming at the race differently with Braddock having a 1:33 split 1-5 and Kellam with the a 58 second spread. 

What that means is this race is going to be tough and that every single finisher on these teams and others will play a big part in deciding this race. 

Take a look at the virtual team scores as of today (10/1). Remember though that in a race like this, a 15 second PR could mean 20-30 less points for your team and change things up quite a bit. 

Virtual Team Scores

1Lake Braddock864+8+15+21+38 (39+50)1:33.7019:44.82
2Kellam8910+12+14+22+31 (32+84)58.0019:50.84
3James W. Robinson985+11+19+29+34 (42+58)1:22.9019:54.10
4McLean1197+25+26+28+33 (68+69)1:11.4720:06.60
5West Springfield1202+6+30+35+47 (74+79)1:52.6019:56.98
6John Champe High School1311+23+27+37+43 (51+52)3:11.0019:50.28
7Chantilly15213+17+36+40+46 (48+63)1:06.0020:17.40
8Ocean Lakes21516+20+54+55+70 (71+72)1:45.5420:45.71
9Langley223.518+24+44+59.5+78 (80+81)2:13.0020:52.79
10Patriot High School2263+9+66+73+75 (77+82)2:59.8020:40.66
11Colgan High School26341+45+56+57+64 (76+83)49.0021:00.82
12Cosby284.549+53+59.5+61+62 (65+67)30.5021:11.94