VOTE: Which VA Showcase Race Is The G.O.A.T.?

MileSplits's 2017 Highlight Video

There are two questions we have been thinking about with the VA Showcase just a few days ahead. What races have been the best ever and which races will be the best this year. Here is your chance to vote and let us know. 

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Which Race Will Be The Best of 2020

Editor's Choice: This year's meet is going to be crazy stacked but one race that could be the best is the girls 500. You have the 800 national champion, 400 national champion, and the 600m American record holder all in this one... it is probably the only race in history where the potential national record will be an after thought to the actual race. 

Which Race Is The Greatest of All Time? (GOAT)

Editor's Choice: There have been quite a few races that stick out, some that records weren't even broken in. Our favorite though is still the Lake Braddock DMR from 2017. That first national record was something special to watch... not to mention it was the first race ever on that track so quite the way to open up the facility.